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With the 2022 Arnold Classic fast approaching on March 4 and 5, 2022, in Columbus, OHthe elite bodybuilders those who will compete are marking their preparations to reach their peak at the most opportune moments. With that comes some recovery efforts, like deep tissue massage, stricter diets that do not allow cheat on meals, and a depletion of water to help acquire that dry-as-paper skin that glows on stage. However, combining those things while still training hard can lead to some hiccups in the gym.

That was the case for the reigning Arnold Classic Classic Physique champion. Terrence Ruffin. After your Warm up for a day of heavy legs Along with trainer Joe Bennett, Ruffin felt discomfort in his right hamstring. It was not enough to assume that there was a legitimate injury, but it was enough for Ruffin to seek guidance from the “hypertrophy coach.” In Bennett’s opinion, when so close to a show, one should skip lifts that cause discomfort as muscle tissue is unlikely to disappear from lack of training for a few weeks. Check out Ruffin’s leg workout and adjustments in the video below, courtesy of his YouTube channel:

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Leg day for Ruffin began with a cocktail of vitamins and minerals taken in one gulp in his kitchen. After popping a bunch of pills, he got in his car and drove to the gym to meet with the trainer. joe bennett. Ruffin’s heating consisted of only one leg glute bridgesexternal rotations of the knees and hips while wearing a yoga blockand drinking his previous training. The opening exercise was hamstring curls, and immediately Ruffin felt something strange.

Everything feels weird.

Bennett’s first suggestion to combat the weirdness Ruffin felt in his hamstrings was to “pick up speed more slowly.” Rather than exploit the movement at the start of each rep, Bennett told Ruffin to take five seconds to move the weight. That didn’t quite work out for Ruffin, who was still racing discomfort. In the end, they decided to leave the sitting position. hamstring curls total. Bennett wasn’t too concerned with calling other moves audible.

If something doesn’t feel right at all, just skip it altogether.

This workout was filmed three weeks before the 2022 Arnold Classic, with Bennett commenting that Ruffin is unlikely to “lose tissue” at that point if workouts need to be adjusted. He advised caution when receiving deep tissue massage work, as Ruffin did, that the massage therapist Don’t apply too much force to the tissue, no matter how good it feels. That comforting feeling of release can also keep your muscles from firing in the same way. in the gym until it’s completely recovered.

People need to be conservative in three weeks. You’re not going to lose tissue from lack of training.

Bennett’s plan for Ruffin hamstring training is to add a set or two on the day of assembly or wait until the next leg day to see how much stimulation they can apply without discomfort. Ruffin’s hamstring tenderness was in the mid-range position: he felt fine in the fully contracted and fully lengthened position. Bennett leaned into it, moving Ruffin to quad workout about him hack squat machine to work in elongated positions. It seemed effective when Ruffin loaded what appeared to be five 45-pounders weight plates on each sleeve of the machine and ground through the replays while using kneepads.

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Towards the Arnold Classic 2022

Ruffin will defend his title against a stacked roster that includes the two-time Classic Physique Olympia champion. Breon Ansley. Ruffin looks extremely skinny in recent training videos of him and will likely turn that into an exceptional package come showtime. Urs Kalecinsky of Germany and Ramón Rocha Queiroz of Brazil will also be in Ohio to capitalize on the momentum they built from their fourth and fifth place finishes in the Olympia Competition 2021respectively.

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