Causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment of candidiasis (Candida)

candidiasis A type of fungus caused by a yeast related to Candida. In fact, many fungi are found in the human body, among which Candida is also a type of fungus that spreads continuously. If not treated at the right time, it can be very dangerous. Therefore, if an infection occurs, get it checked out by a doctor immediately.


it is generally a type of mycosis happens, what stomach, mouth and skin But found in very small quantities, it poses no problem for the body. Due to certain environmental conditions, yeast grows in large quantities, affecting the skin, vagina and mouth. Such an infection is called candidiasis.




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Symptoms of candidiasis (candida)


  • skin Presence of red spots on


  • pain and itching


  • Accumulation of a white, scaly substance on the affected areas.


  • dry skin


  • cracks on the skin go in


  • buttery white skin


  • red or purple spots on the skin


  • Erythema due to candidiasis, which causes redness and swelling of the skin


  • Pus-filled pimples in affected areas


  • mouth have blisters or white sores




Because of candidiasis




  • The problem of candidiasis (Candida) can occur due to sweating.


  • if you diabetes If the patient suffers from it, candidiasis may be the cause.


  • This skin infection also increases due to hot, humid weather and poor hygiene.


  • Excessive consumption of antibiotics or steroids can also cause candidiasis.


  • if your Immunity If the system is bad, you may get infected with this disease.
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  • weight Excessive growth can also cause candidiasis.


  • Hypothyroidism is also a problem infection This is the reason for.


  • Using wet clothes for a long time can also cause it to spread.




Complications of candidiasis



  • esophagus









candidiasis treatment




Doctors usually recommend applying antifungal creams, ointments, or lotions to infected skin to treat candidiasis. Depending on the type of infection and the affected area. Body Depending on the part of the disease, the doctor may recommend the use of different types of medications, such as:



  • Vagina For vaginal yeast infections, it may often be advisable to use gels or creams applied vaginally.


  • Thrush can often be treated as antifungal using lozenges or mouthwashes.


  • athlete’s foot (feet Ringworm) can often be treated using sprays, powders and ointments.




Candidiasis prevention




  • Dry, well-fitting clothing should be worn to help remove moisture from the skin.


  • The place where the risk of infection is high should always be kept clean and dry.


  • Try to reduce your weight.


  • To avoid the problem of candidiasis Heat Wear open-toed sandals or slippers during this time.


  • Change socks and underwear and keep them clean and neat.


  • If you sweat after working out or having sex, always take a bath and keep your body dry.
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Candidiasis is a commonly transmitted infection. The diagnosis of this disease mainly depends on the initial stage and the affected skin. Candidiasis can be diagnosed based on a physical exam. If you notice any symptoms of this type of illness, immediately you should consult a doctorso that this disease can be treated in time.




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