From overeating to substance abuse, these 5 habits can increase depression, don’t make such mistakes even by mistake

Symptoms of depression : Today, depression has become a serious illness. It seriously affects life. Many illnesses can arise because of this, which is why depression should never be taken lightly and every effort should be made to avoid it. According to health experts, whenever you feel depression, you need to keep certain things in mind because a little carelessness can make many problems worse. In such a situation, let’s tell you what not to do in case of depression…

1. Don’t take drugs
Very often, after falling into depression, people turn to drugs. Starts drinking alcohol and cigarettes. They think it will get them out of depression, but that’s the biggest mistake. In such a situation, intoxication should be avoided.

2. Don’t be alone
Whenever you feel depressed, do not stay alone, because it is a condition in which the mind becomes sad and wants to stay alone (loneliness). Avoid this and go outdoors. Spend time with family or friends. Don’t suppress your thoughts, express them openly.

3. Don’t eat too much
Often, after falling into depression, people begin to overeat. Even if they are not hungry, they still eat more. It can harm their body. Many problems can arise on a physical and mental level. Problems like insomnia, indigestion, or stomach gas may occur, so try to avoid overeating.

4. Don’t lie on the bed
When depressed, people often spend many hours in bed. This may cause them to complain of insomnia, so whenever they feel this, go outside. Do exercise, yoga, dance, or any other activity.

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5. Stay away from laptops
Due to depression, many people go alone and start playing games or social media on mobile, which can increase stress and depression. This can make many problems worse. Therefore, whenever you feel depressed, stay away from these things. Spend time with people.

Disclaimer: Some information given in news is based on media reports. Before implementing any suggestion, you should consult the relevant expert.

Health More than 4 million women are victims of this serious illness, most of them are unaware of its danger and know its symptoms.

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