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If your stomach still hurts, or you feel a sudden pain in any part of your stomach, or you feel pain while urinating, don’t ignore it at all. Because these can be symptoms of liver cancer. The liver is an important part of our body. Which works to eliminate toxic elements from the body. The liver plays a major role in the production of bile. It helps digest vitamins, fats and other nutrients in our body. Liver cancer is also called hepatic cancer. Liver cancer is cancer that starts in the cells of your liver. Our liver looks like a football-shaped organ located in the upper right part of your abdomen, below your diaphragm and above your stomach. The risk of liver cancer is higher in people over 40 years old. There is a high risk of cancer cells spreading from one part of the body to another.




What is liver cancer?




Liver cancer is also called hepatic cancer. When cancer occurs in the liver, it destroys liver cells. There are two types of liver cancer. Primary liver cancer, which begins in liver cells. And the second is metastatic liver cancer, which starts elsewhere and reaches the liver, it is also called secondary liver cancer.




liver cancer symptoms




  • to be tired



  • vomiting


  • loss of appetite


  • Fever


  • Itch


  • enlarged spleen


  • stomach swelling


  • the skin and eyes turning yellow


  • swollen feet


  • Liver enlargement or formation of a mass in the liver area
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  • chronic hepatitis or cirrhosis the problem of getting serious


  • blood Low sugar (hypoglycemia)


  • male breast augmentation


  • Jaundice


These are all signs of liver damage. Jaundice is not a disease when Body If the amount of bilirubin increases, jaundice appears. Jaundice is the first symptom of liver cancer.




causes of liver cancer




  • hepatitis Severe cirrhosis B or C infection



  • foie gras


  • to be overweight


  • smoking or excessive alcohol consumption




What is the prevention of liver cancer?




Some prevention of liver cancer



of any sexual partner Health Know the situation. Do not have unprotected sex unless you are sure that your partner is not infected with HBV, HCV or any other sexually transmitted infection. If you don’t know your partner’s health status, use a condom every time you have sex.


Do not use intravenous (IV) medications, but if you do, use a clean needle. Reduce your risk of getting HCV by not injecting illicit drugs.


When getting a piercing or tattoo, look for safe and clean shops. Improperly sterilized needles can spread the hepatitis C virus.




Liver cancer treatment






Liver cancer is also treated with surgery. In this, the cancerous liver is removed. but more in that Blood There may be a risk of leakage.


liver transplant


During this transplant, the doctor removes the cancerous liver and replaces it with a healthy liver. This is then done. When the cancer has not spread to any other organs.

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These injections are given to kill cancer cells. This is done while the patient is unconscious. So that he doesn’t feel pain. It is beneficial for those who have not undergone surgery or liver transplantation.




He has heart energy Radiation Is used. Due to which cancer cells are destroyed. But it also has more side effects. As a result, skin problems and vomiting may occur.




Chemotherapy Destroys cancer cells. It is administered through medication. It is very effective against liver cancer but due to its medication the patient may suffer from vomiting, loss of appetite or Cold There are many problems to face, including Lagna.




In the above article, we have talked about liver cancer, its symptoms, causes, risk factors, prevention and most importantly, treatment. The only way to cure liver cancer is surgery and treatment, but do not consume alcohol or tobacco. If there is a problem, have it checked by a doctor immediately. And to find out more about liver cancer, you can do a CT scan or MRI, liver biopsy or blood test, etc.



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