Core Solutions Unveils Major Update to its Cx360 Behavioral Health EHR

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa., February 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Core Solutions, developer of the clinic-focused Cx360 behavioral health electronic health record (EHR) system, is pleased to announce the release of a major update to its flagship product. The secure, cloud-based Cx360 V7.5 platform has added several important features while providing a more modern and efficient user interface to further streamline billing and quality care.

Notable additions and improvements to Cx360 V7.5 include the following:

  • Expanded Dashboard Templates — Access hundreds of dashboard templates, allowing users to customize with the performance tracking and reports that matter most to the organization.
  • Supercharged Workflow Engine — Better ensure that the information required to serve customers is accessible where and when it is needed
  • Integrated Telehealth — Integrated, easy-to-use, HIPAA-compliant telehealth functionality reduces the number of systems clinicians must use and move between, eliminating unnecessary complexities
  • Workflows and predefined and modifiable forms: Achieve more optimal processes, from medication administration to substance abuse management and behavioral health assessment.
  • Automated generation of books and invoices — Rule-based customization further strengthens this much-requested feature
  • Risk assessment and scoring at a glance — Quickly identify which clients need the best management and population-based interventions
  • Updated look and feel: Simplifying complicated business processes helps providers streamline their workflows and increase reimbursements
  • Accelerated implementation — Delivers excellent speed to value, shorter training cycle, better staff adoption, and faster return on investment

Cx360 V7.5 was developed with the goal of helping behavioral health organizations overcome their greatest challenges and capitalize on their greatest opportunities. Nearly 75% of organizations currently report dissatisfaction with their legacy EHR. Cx360 V7.5 removes the complexity, friction, and lack of interoperability that technology tends to create for vendors, replacing it with an intuitive, results-focused solution that saves organizations money, provides a better picture of the effectiveness of the treatment and gives providers time back. to connect with your customers.

“This new version of Cx360 is nothing short of a game changer for behavioral health organizations,” says Ravi Ganesan, President and CEO of Core Solutions. “Our team set out to build a platform that addresses the top frustrations organizations experience with their legacy EHR while helping them pursue initiatives that can strengthen clinical, operational, and financial performance. Cx360 V7.5 dramatically eases documentation efforts while also moves organizations toward measurement-based care.

The new platform features and other powerful components included in Cx360 V7.5 are designed to help behavioral health organizations meet the clinical and business demands of value-based care, from establishing effective clinical workflows to ensuring accurate documentation, to seeing operations trends, to improving collaborative care communication.

Core Solutions is making it easy for behavioral health organizations to add or switch to Cx360 V7.5 from their legacy system. The company’s “try before you buy” experience limits risk, while shorter and more flexible contract terms give organizations greater control over their investment.

“We want to speed up the time it takes to buy and implement a new EHR system,” says Ganesan. “The first step towards this is to remove risk and friction, and create a supplier-friendly process.”

Behavioral health organizations interested in learning more about Cx360 V7.5 can request a demo here. NatCon22 attendees can visit the Core Solutions booth to experience the platform in person.

About Core Solutions, Inc.

Core Solutions was founded in 1999 to develop an electronic health record (EHR) platform to meet the specific needs of behavioral health organizations and their providers. Since then, the company’s Cx360 EHR has become one of the most trusted and trusted systems in behavioral health. This popularity is largely due to its modern design, simple deployment and configuration, and ease of use. Core Solutions designs technology with an emphasis on physician efficiency and a unique approach to streamline data capture that streamlines billing and presents valuable information to physicians within their workflows, thereby improving outcomes. In 2022, Core Solutions released its major platform update. The release of the Cx360 V7.5 EHR further redefined what an EHR can do for behavioral health organizations, clinicians and clients. Learn more at

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