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In a sport as competitive as professional bodybuilding, athletes are always trying to find new methods and innovations to improve their physique before a competition. After the Musclecontest Brasil Pro 2022, Thiago Santisteban’s physique came to the fore after many suspected that he used a massive amount of oils to enhance the site, i.e. Synthol.

Bodybuilding, especially in the IFBB Pro League, is a unique sport that requires participants to build muscle mass and present physiques based on size, symmetry and proportions. In addition to meticulous diet and exercise, competitors look high and low for techniques and compounds to help them bring their best physique to the stage.

Performance-enhancing drugs, while controversial, play an important role in sport. Androgenic compounds like trenbolone and testosterone have become increasingly popular with competitors, leading many athletes to use these drugs to achieve a better, more refined physique. Unlike steroids, site-enhancing oils like Synthol modify the appearance of a muscle by adding size or bulk to a specific body part after injection.

The latest case of suspected Synthol abuse involved 212 bodybuilder Thiago Santisteban, who recently competed in the 2022 Musclecontest Brazil Pro. She finished the show in eighth place and sparked controversy among fans after many in the community suspected that she used oil on her hamstrings, back, and arms.

The dangers of the Synthol site

Site enhancement oils have caused a great deal of concern due to their unpredictable nature. In fact, Russian native Kirill Tereshin was afraid to die after he injected a staggering amount of homemade Synthol into his biceps. It should be noted that Synthol users like Tereshin do not represent how site enhancement oils are used in the sport of bodybuilding.

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Nicknamed “The Synthol Kid”, Tereshin underwent life-saving surgeries to remove excessive amounts of necrotic tissue. Doctors told him that if he continued to abuse Synthol, his arms were at risk of exploding. Furthermore, the medical professionals made it clear that if Tereshin continued to use the compound or any oil to enhance the site, she risked death. amputation of his arms or death

Use of site improvement oil

After campaigning to fix his armssocial media star had surgery to remove the extra tissue. While Synthol fanatic Tereshin illustrated one of the most extreme cases, many bodybuilders have used these substances without raising any alarms, and have found them helpful in regaining lagging body parts.

Some believe that site-enhancing oils can instantly help lift a muscle by adding volume and mass. However, the retired bodybuilding guru/Pro milos sarcev revealed that shooting Synthol into his biceps was by far his “biggest regret” throughout his career.

In 1997, Sarcev used Synthol what the legend gave him flex wheel. While Sarcev was able to increase his biceps to 22 1/2 inches, he believes the site-enhancing oils made his arms look suspicious and “embarrassing” during his performance at the Night of Champions contest in the late 2000s. 90.

Another bodybuilder who used Synthol was the late 29 year old. Bostin Loyd, who passed away in March. Loyd was known for his eccentric personality and He routinely shared his experiences using steroids and Synthol on social media. While it’s unclear whether or not the site’s enhancement oils contributed to his death, they’re certainly worth mentioning as possible culprits.

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It is unclear if there is a place for site enhancement oils in bodybuilding. Clearly, they can offer athletes a quick way to increase the size and volume of a muscle, but they have obvious drawbacks over time. Following its eighth-place performance last week, Santisteban’s recent use of oils to improve the site continues to stir controversy within the community.

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