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Panaji: An interactive portal has been launched to connect youth and families directly to improve their understanding of the deadly effects. Substance abuse And to empower adolescents to reach their full potential.

The portal was launched by Human Touch Foundation There is an interactive space where not only services and information on the effects of drug abuse, but also mental health professionals will be available for interaction.
The interactive portal opens up anonymous space to seek help for substance abuse“Not everyone who needs information or help with drug abuse wants to meet face to face. Some prefer to solve their problems through this smart format where they do not even need to reveal their identities, ”said Applesta da Costa, the foundation’s director of operations.

This website was launched as part of the Foundation.Yes to Life campaign‘To fight substance abuse.

Peter Borges, founder of the foundation, said substance abuse was one of the reasons some young people failed to reach their true potential. “

We must ensure that adolescents in our state have the tools and knowledge to make good decisions that will have a positive impact on their lives. We need a bulk shift towards disciplinary, carcareal approaches to substance use and towards public health strategies embedded in compassion and pride. We also need the state and central government to fund youth-led prevention programs, ”he said.

Da Costa said the campaign empowers young people with the facts needed to make informed decisions for their future.

“The earlier adolescents start using drugs, the more likely they are to continue using them and develop substance abuse problems later in life,” she said.

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