Do you also eat injected red watermelon? How to identify real and fake watermelon?

Watermelon injected: Summer season means watermelon season. This fruit is widely consumed during this season. It also has many advantages. It contains 92% water and 6% sugar. Watermelon becomes more beneficial in summer due to its rich fiber content, but nowadays such watermelons have come in the market in which their color is made red by injection. It is very difficult to identify this type of watermelon but its consumption can cause a lot of harm to health. Experts say injections are given to the watermelon to make it redder. Sometimes oxytocin is injected to make it mature faster. In this way, these watermelons become toxic.

How dangerous is injected watermelon?

According to experts, chemicals like nitrate, artificial colors, calcium carbide and oxytocin are found in injected watermelon, which can be harmful to the stomach. Nitrogen is also used to make watermelon grow quickly, which can harm the body after getting inside, since it is a toxic element. To give the bright red color of watermelon, artificial colors like lead chromate, methanol yellow and Sudan red are used, which can cause food poisoning.

Side Effects of Injected Watermelon

1. Calcium carbide is often used to ripen watermelon, which can be harmful to the liver and kidneys. Due to this, kidney damage may occur.

2. Methanol yellow, used to give watermelon its red color, can cause cancer.

3. Consumption of lead chromate used in watermelon can cause anemia, brain cell damage and vision loss.

4. Sudan red colored watermelons can cause digestive and stomach problems.

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How to Identify an Injected Watermelon

White or yellow powder is often seen on the watermelon, which is considered dust and cleaned, but it could be calcium carbide powder. As a result, the fruit ripens quickly. The watermelon must be washed thoroughly before cutting it. If the watermelon appears very red when cut or is sweeter than normal, be aware that injections have been injected into it. Sometimes when you reach the middle, a slight burn mark may be visible due to the chemicals. In such a situation, even though the watermelon looks fresh, it rots.

How to recognize a real watermelon

1. If holes or cracks are visible in the middle when the watermelon is cut, this may be a sign that it has been injected. Ripe watermelon does not have such a large pit or crack.

2. After purchasing the watermelon, store it for at least 2-3 days. If it does not spoil, if foam or water flows on it, know that it has been injected.

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