Being afraid of happiness… Are you also a victim of “cherophobia”?

What is cherophobia: Nowadays there are many types of diseases in the world, some are physical and some are mental, due to which people suffer from them. Physical illness can be identified by looking at it, but mental illness that affects us internally is not only fatal but also very difficult to identify. Similarly, a disease called cherophobia is claiming victims today. In fact, it is a kind of internal disease that persists in the human mind. So let us tell you today about cherophobia and what are its symptoms.

What is cherophobia?

Cherophobia is a type of fear disorder in which a person is afraid of happiness and positive things. This is a rare disease that scientists continue to learn about. In fact, people suffering from cherophobia are afraid of experiencing positive things like happiness, excitement or love and also avoid weddings, parties or going out with friends. When a person comes into contact with things associated with happiness, they may feel nervous, sweat, their heart beats faster, have difficulty breathing and start to feel dizzy, these are common symptoms of happiness. cherophobia.

Why does cherophobia occur?

The exact cause of cherophobia is not yet known, but according to experts, it could be linked to the past. Often, due to a negative experience in the past or sudden great sadness, people are afraid of happiness, which can lead to cherophobia. It can also be due to depression, anxiety or social fear.

how to treat cherophobia

Now the question arises: how to treat cherophobia? This is why we use CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), which helps the person distance themselves from negative thoughts and change their behavior. Some antidepressant or mood relaxant medications are also given, but this can only be done on the advice of the doctor. If you think you or someone you know has cherophobia and is afraid of happiness, you should seek help from a mental health professional.

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