Do you feel hungry even after eating a lot? Be alert, otherwise you can be in big trouble

Health Tips : Many times it happens, when even after eating a lot of food, one continues to feel hungry. It seems as if nothing has been eaten. Does the same happen with you. If yes, then don’t take it lightly and ignore it at all. Because this habit can be a sign of many diseases. Let’s know the reason behind this…

Why do I feel hungry again and again


According to health experts, due to the problem of diabetes, glucose does not reach the cells properly. Due to this energy is not made properly and it comes out through urine. Because of this, hunger strikes again and again.


If someone feels more hungry, then it can also be a sign of thyroid. When the level of thyroid hormone increases in the body, energy starts burning. Due to this, there is fatigue and hunger is also more. Many times it also happens that even after eating food, hunger remains. If this happens, a doctor should be contacted.


According to the doctor, hunger also increases due to stress. When there is more stress, then the hormone cortisol increases. In such a situation, one feels like eating sugar and high fat foods. Because of which they start eating more or the other. This can also lead to depression and obesity.

little sleep

Sometimes, due to lack of sleep and less sleep, one feels hungry again and again. When the exhaustion of the body is not completely over, the hormones of hunger are more affected. In such a situation, there is more hunger and obesity also increases due to overeating.

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take care like this

If you want the body to function properly, then a diet rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, nutrients should be taken. Take a diet that fulfills the deficiency of minerals in the body. Drink maximum amount of water. To avoid stress, tension and other problems, do exercise, yoga, pranayama.

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