Does weight gain increase quickly with thyroid disease? Do you know why this happens?

The most common disease among women today is thyroid disease. Because of the thyroid, serious problems like stress, irritability, obesity begin. Once a woman has thyroid, she may have to deal with other types of problems in the future. Thyroid diseases can cause weight gain and obesity. Today we will know in detail what is thyroid disease? What is the link with obesity?

The thyroid affects metabolism

It is present in the lower part of the thyroid gland. It looks like a butterfly. As a result, the hormones T-3, T-4 and TSH are released. If the amount of this hormone is more or less, then we have to face many diseases. The thyroid affects many functions of the body, including the rate of metabolism.

Hyper and hypothyroidism Thyroid

An excessive and overactive thyroid is very dangerous for both bodies. When the thyroid gland is working quickly, a large amount of thyroid hormones are released from it. During this period, the gland becomes very active. This is called hyperthyroidism. When it starts to work slowly, less thyroid hormones are produced. This is called hypothyroidism. Thyroid disease is also called autoimmune disease. When there is a problem in the functioning of the thyroid gland, many problems arise. For this reason, obesity is increasing rapidly.

Hypothyroidism linked to obesity

Obesity is increasing rapidly due to hypothyroid hormones. This also reduces the body’s metabolic rate. Due to this, the person starts feeling weak from inside and he starts becoming lazy and lethargic. Day by day, his physical activity also begins to decrease.

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