EXCLUSIVE: Samantha's favourite workout, cheat meals & massive transformation decoded by her personal trainer

She is like a little monster who likes lift heavy weights, says celebrity trainer Junaid Shaikh as he decodes Samantha’s workout routine.

When we say fitness, without a doubt, it has to be Samantha. Deadlifts, squats, aerobics to aerial yoga, you name it and Sam has exhausted all the offbeat workouts.

What keeps Samantha fit and fabulous all the time? “I’m someone who doesn’t like to push my clients. If he’s really tired, I’ll tell him it’s okay, take a break and we’ll come back tomorrow. But Samantha, she has an attitude herself where she’ll just say no.” , ‘I’ll try and do it again’. I always tell him, ‘if you were an athlete, you would have been like Virat Kohli.’ She is very aggressive and wants to do things to the core. I don’t need anything to motivate her, but I just need to guide her in some things. She’s a motivator… I actually take motivation from her before my training sessions,” reveals Junaid, who is currently training Samantha for his upcoming unannounced projects.

The Oh Baby actress is someone who wakes up very early and believes in working out in the morning. While preparing for her song Oo Antava, Sam did a lot of conditioning exercises.

She lifts twice her body weight. Soon you will see her in the game in new videos.

famous fitness trainer Junaid Shaikh

“We had a lot of conditioning workouts, which I had designed into 2 parts. One was mobility, then strength, and part 3 was more of exclusive movements. Basically, it was a conditioning workout. We had to work hard for a few weeks to 2 hours a day. I remember we used to start working out early in the morning at 4:30 AM and she wakes up at the same time every day anyway, even now.”

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He has a lot of energy and stamina, and his thing is heavy lifting. “She loves big lifts. She loves deadlifts, push-ups, squats, and if you watch the videos, she’s got good mobility now. She squats like a pro now. She’s like a little monster who likes to lift heavy objects.” . dumbbells. She lifts twice her body weight. You will see her in-game in new videos soon,” shares Junaid, who previously trained Bollywood hunks like Hrithik Roshan and Ranveer Singh.

Nutrition plays an important role in your exercise regimen and don’t believe in cheat meals. “Sam is a very, very obedient student when it comes to dieting. She likes to eat a lot. She doesn’t like to cheat on her diet, but just stick to her goals. It’s not a big deal for her. Sam is someone who gives him 100 percent every day,” Junaid spills the beans on his cheat meal.

His latest viral video of the ‘Naagin mobility drill’ drew quite a bit of attention. Sharing some insight behind it, Junaid reveals, “We were done with the mobility drill, but it was early in the morning (Samantha’s a morning person like waking up real early), so just to get in the right frame of mind, I we did. She laughed a lot as seen in the video.”

Junaid has witnessed a journey of hard work, fighting to the present, training big celebrities like Samantha, Akhil Akkineni, Hrithik Roshan and Ranveer Singh in the past.


Born in Lonavala, studied in Mumbai and completed his university studies in Nashik, Junaid, an engineer dropout, received a pleasant surprise when he was asked to train Hrithik Roshan.

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Sharing a bit about his journey as a fitness trainer, he reveals: “I was working in a call center and in those days, there was more to body power in Mumbai. The big brands used to come and have a team of athletes, one of them was Jerai (co-owned by Salman Khan now). I really wanted to be part of the team but I was in Nashik. I was working in a call center because I had a fall. One day I saw Jerai’s gym post and applied for the job. I worked really hard. Also, I had been working on myself since I was in the ninth grade. I started working there, handing out flyers on the link road and other places, selling gym memberships.”

He continues: “I did some contests back then and met celebrity trainer Mustafa Ahmed who is a guru to me. He was training Hrithik Roshan at the time and he asked me how much I was earning which was around 5-6 thousand. So he said, he is opening a gym in Juhu and he will definitely call me.So I was waiting for his call..I waited for 2-3 years and after a long wait, I got a call from him.He asked me to meet at Pali corner Hill. He said, “I’m going to the US tonight, you have to go to Juhu at Hrithik’s house at 5pm to train him. It was a nice shock. Helping Mustafa and training Hrithik was very important. Hrithik Roshan knows more than he knows 80 percent of the coaches in India. Mustafa and I trained Ranveer Singh while he did Padmavat and Gully Boy.

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I was in Hyderabad to train Preetham Reddy, Shilpa Reddy’s husband. That’s how I got Samantha, then Akhil.”


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