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New Delhi: Fortis Health thrown out ‘Mindfulness Adayu‘, a dedicated vertical for a complete mental health carealong with an exclusive collaboration of United We Care and Adayú.

This collaboration will harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to improve mental well-being and accessibility to care for people everywhere, further boosting it with Adayu’s trained team of mental health experts to provide comprehensive care.

Dr. Ashutosh Raghuvanshi, MD and CEO, Fortis Healthcare, said, “This new initiative not only emphasizes our commitment to addressing the widespread challenge of mental health, but also showcases our innovative approach in integrating artificial intelligence technology through our partnership with ‘United We Care’. This collaboration is set to transform the accessibility of mental health services, making comprehensive care available at the touch of a button. This is more than an advance in healthcare technology; “It is a movement to destigmatize mental health issues and improve the availability of care to those who need it across India.”

Dr Samir Parikh, President, Fortis National Mental Health Programme, Fortis Healthcare, said: “As part of the Fortis National Mental Health programme, we are launching Adayu Mindfulness, a Fortis Group company, as a vertical dedicated to comprehensive mental health care. India’s mental health burden is estimated between $2 billion and $3 billion and approximately one in eight people are estimated to suffer from some form of mental health disorder. That’s why, mental wellness solutions They are pertinent especially in a society like India where mental health is deeply stigmatized, leading to a lack of awareness. Having pioneered several initiatives and campaigns on mental health and holistic well-being, the launch of Adayu marks a new chapter in our journey as we merge innovation and AI with clinical excellence and will offer the highest level of care, striving to promote awareness. improve access.” United We Care’s AI technology will integrate seamlessly with Adayu’s established network of mental health professionals. This combination will offer a comprehensive approach to mental well-being. Users will be able to gain valuable insights into their mental health status through personalized assessments, administered by Stella, United We Care’s AI virtual wellness coach. The platform will connect people with Fortis psychiatrists, psychologists, psycho-oncologists, sports therapists, yoga experts, art-based therapy providers and also trained physiotherapists, reducing wait times and geographical barriers. It will provide a variety of resources, from videos to audio, exercises and journals, to provide comprehensive care with a personal touch. In addition to the 24/7 Fortis helpline number, people will now also have access to 24/7/365 Stella support. Ritu Mehrotra, CEO and Founder of United We Care, said: “We are delighted to partner with Adayu, a leader in mental health care. delivery, to bring our AI-powered solutions to a broader audience. Together, we aim to revolutionize the way mental health is addressed, making it more accessible, affordable, efficient and personalized for everyone.”


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