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The bladder is called urinary bladder in Hindi. It is a special organ of our body that stores all the liquid waste accumulated in the body and eliminates it through urine. All these liquid wastes, i.e. urine, are created by the kidneys and deposited through the urinary canal into the bladder, from where they are passed out as urine.

This particular part of the body sometimes suffers from physical problems that require surgical intervention. Just as the bladder faces many types of diseases, there are many types of surgeries. In this article, we will explain bladder surgery in detail. If you have any bladder related problem, you can contact our doctor. see a doctor Click here

Bladder surgery is a procedure and is performed when kidney Urination takes place below the urethra. The type of bladder surgery depends on the patient’s problem. Conditions that may require surgery include:

  • bladder cancer
  • cystocele
  • urinary incontinence

Best Hospital for Bladder Surgery (Best Hospital for Bladder Surgery in Hindi)

If you want to undergo bladder surgery, you can have your treatment done at any of the following hospitals we have mentioned:

Best Hospitals in Delhi for Bladder Surgery

  • BLK-Max Super Specialty Hospital, Rajinder Nagar, Delhi
  • Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Sarita Vihar, Delhi
  • Fortis Heart Hospital, Okhla, Delhi
  • Max Super Specialty Hospital, Saket, Delhi

Best Hospitals in Gurugram for Bladder Surgery

  • Narayana Super Specialty Hospital, Gurugram
  • Medanta La Médicité, Gurugram
  • Fortis Healthcare Limited, Gurugram
  • Paras Hospital, Gurugram

Best Hospitals in Greater Noida for Bladder Surgery

  • Sharda Hospital, Greater Noida
  • Yatharth Hospital, Greater Noida
  • Baksan Hospital, Greater Noida
  • JR Hospital, Greater Noida
  • Prakash Hospital, Greater Noida
  • Divya Hospital, Greater Noida
  • Shanti Hospital, Greater Noida

Best Hospitals in Meerut for Bladder Surgery

  • Subharti Hospital, Meerut
  • Anand Hospital, Meerut

Best Hospital in Hapur for Bladder Surgery

  • Sharda Hospital, Hapur
  • GS Hospital, Hapur
  • Baksan Hospital, Hapur
  • JR Hospital, Hapur
  • Prakash Hospital, Hapur

Best Hospitals in Kolkata for Bladder Surgery

  • Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences, Mukundapur, Kolkata

Best Hospitals for Bladder Surgery in Bangalore

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  • Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore
  • Apollo Hospital, Bangalore

Best Hospitals for Bladder Surgery in Mumbai

  • Nanavati Super Specialty Hospital, Vile Parle West, Mumbai
  • Lilavati Hospital and Research Centre, Bandra, Mumbai

For Bladder Surgery in Hyderabad best hospitals

  • Gleneagles Global Hospitals, Lakdi Ka Swimming Pool, Hyderabad

Best Hospitals for Bladder Surgery in Chennai

  • Apollo Proton Cancer Centre, Chennai

bladder surgery Best Hospitals in Ahmedabad for

  • Care Institute of Medical Sciences, Sola, Ahmedabad

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bladder surgery How many types are there? (How many types of bladder surgery are there in Hindi)

Most bladder surgeries currently robotics The procedure is performed via transshipment, which means your surgeon will make very small incisions and then place a port allowing the use of robotic arms to perform the operation. There are some open surgeries in which there is a long cut. Types of surgery include:

  • Repair of bladder exstrophy: In this process urinary bladder enters and exits and stomach This surgery is done to correct it.
  • Previous repair: It’s pretty serious cystocele Let’s solve the problem. Doctor in this type of surgery Vagina An incision (cut) is made in the bladder wall and the tissue separating the bladder from the vagina is tightened. The surgeon may also place permanent grafts made of synthetic or biological materials to improve vaginal support.
  • Urostomy: There is a procedure called urostomy, in which your Intestine A section of the bladder is removed and attached to your ureter. It carries urine from your kidneys to an opening near your belly button. A lightweight, waterproof bag is attached to the stoma to collect urine. The bag can be emptied as needed.

Neovesical urostomy: A section of your intestine may also form a small sac or larger “neobladder.” The bag or bladder is placed in the cavity left by your bladder and stores urine. A tube, also made from your intestine, leads to a stoma in the stomach, but in this example, a valve allows the bag to flow whenever you want.

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The neobladder can attach to your urethra to allow urine to flow normally. Bladder cancer is the most common reason people have bladder surgery. Depending on the stage and progression of bladder cancer, surgery may be used in combination with other treatments such as Chemotherapy Go on Radiation Can be done in combination with therapy. Various procedures can be performed to treat bladder cancer. These processes include:

  • Radical cystectomy: In this procedure, your bladder is completely removed. An incision will be made in your abdomen and the bladder and surrounding organs will be carefully examined to determine the location of the cancer and to see if it has spread to adjacent structures and organs. Your bladder is removed along with any other affected organs.
  • Segmental or partial cystectomy: Segmental cystectomy surgery involves removing part of your bladder. This surgery can be done in people with a tumor that damages the bladder wall, but it is limited to one area. Since only part of the bladder is removed, they can urinate normally after recovering from this operation.
  • Transurethral resection with fulguration surgery: During this surgery, a cystoscope (a thin, lighted tube) is inserted into the bladder through the patient’s urethra. An instrument with a small metal loop on the end is used to remove the cancer or eliminate the tumor. This is called fulguration.
  • Urinary diversion: It’s your Body is a surgical procedure to create a new way of storing and releasing urine.

What type of surgeon performs bladder surgery? (What type of surgeon performs bladder surgery in Hindi)

surgical bladder surgery performed by a urologist. Urologist Male Both men and women are urinary tract specialists.

Is bladder surgery inpatient or outpatient? (Bladder surgery is done in an inpatient or outpatient setting in Hindi)

It depends on the type of surgery you are having. OUR Health Ask the service provider if you will need to stay in the hospital.

What is the bladder used for? (What does the bladder do in Hindi)

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Urine kidney It is then filtered and stored in the bladder. Urine travels down your ureters and into your bladder, where it is stored before exiting your body through your urethra. Your bladder is made up of muscular, flexible tissue that can become larger or smaller depending on the amount of urine you produce. of your bladder muscles They contract as they push urine through the urethra.

How long does it take to recover after bladder surgery? (recovery after bladder surgery in hindi)

You may need to stay in the hospital for up to 10 days after bladder surgery. It may take up to 4 months for the patient to fully recover from the operation. Most people recover quickly from this operation. When you have a cystectomy, you may need to stay in the hospital for about a week.

When you will have bladder suspension surgery depends on the specific method used to perform the operation. Some procedures can be performed on an outpatient basis. Any bladder surgery performed through an incision in the abdomen takes longer to heal than procedures performed through the vagina.

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