Government Urged to Address Emerging Infectious Diseases and NCDs

India has made substantial progress in healthcare; however, prioritize the management of emerging infectious diseases and non-communicable diseases () it’s imperative. Speaking to IANS, Dr Ishwar Gilada, General Secretary of the Indian People’s Health Organization, said the country’s health sector has made “good progress”, especially in maternal and child health and tuberculosis.

Improvements in mortality rates stand out

“The infant mortality rate, those under five, and the maternal mortality rate have decreased considerably,” he added. But the most important thing is “the primary health care infrastructure”, which must be improved with “better workforce and access to medicines.”

“There are many infectious diseases emerging. We also have problems related to HIV, tuberculosis and malaria in the country,” which need to be addressed, said Dr. Gilada, who also heads the Organized Medicine Academic Guild (OMAG).

However, “we are still 10 years away if we want to compare ourselves with the richest and largest countries.”

Furthermore, Dr. Gilada also highlighted the increase in lifestyle-related non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as hypertension, diabetes and obesity; and tobacco problems that increase the risk of cancer. He also advocated for “having equity in care,” to enhance health care for people of lower socioeconomic status.


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