Have you ever thought that some foods taste more delicious when stale, but not all…

Lovers of Indian cuisine are present in all four corners of the world. Today we are going to tell you about a specialty of Indian cuisine that you may barely know. If you also love Indian food, let us tell you a story about it. Some of these dishes are included in the list of Indian food products. Which does not spoil immediately. You can comfortably eat them for 1-2 days.

Tell us in detail which dishes are prepared today and can be eaten tomorrow as well. It’s not that the taste spoils, but once stale, the taste of these dishes increases twice as much.

According to reports in Indian Express, a person named Krish Ashok shared a video on his Instagram in which he told many similar things about eating leftovers. Something few people would know. He said: Have you ever wondered why yesterday’s fish curry, biryani and vatha kuzhambu taste better after being left in the fridge overnight? But puri and chapatti don’t look so good?

Sushma ji, clinical dietitian at ‘Care Hospitals in Barren Hills’, Hyderabad, said that different types of chemical reactions occur in many foods. For this reason, their tastes change.

Sushma tells that there are 7 types of chemical reactions in food.

Maillard reaction: Amino acids and sugar react together to enhance flavor.

Enzyme activity: Enzymes found in foods like fats or proteins continue to break down even after cooking.

Starch retrogradationDuring this process, starch begins to form in the food.

Oxidation – When exposed to air, new flavors can develop in foods.

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Microbial fermentation – Microbial fermentation present inside food causes fermentation

Diffusion of aromatic compounds – when different elements mix together over a long period of time.

Moisture begins to develop in food – When moisture begins to develop in food.

Does the taste of food change when heating or cooling it?

It is often said that when food is heated, its taste increases. Cooling and reheating foods definitely improves their taste. Because many types of chemical reactions take place there. Sushma says if a food has lost its moisture, it can be stored for a long time. When starchy foods become tough, the fat they contain is lost. Foods become soft or hard due to the chemical reactions that occur in them.

Does even stale food taste delicious?

Often people shrink their mouths in the name of stale food because it is believed that stale food tastes bad. Fresh foods are better in terms of taste. People are not in a hurry to offer someone stale food. But besides all these things, we have brought some special tips for foodies. We will tell you about those foods that you can easily eat stale.


There is good news for fish lovers. People in Bihar-UP, in particular, often fry fish and preserve it so that they can eat it the next day. It is believed that the taste of fish doubles the next day. If stale fish is eaten with rice, its taste doubles. Its taste increases. But during the summer you have to be careful that it does not spoil.

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The green vegetables

You like to eat green vegetables, then you can do that. Easily prepare saag properly once and store it and you can easily eat it for 2 days. People prepare spinach, fenugreek and mustard greens in the evening and eat them in the morning or the next day. The taste of stale greens becomes even better.


Many people also like the taste of stale rajma. You prepare it in Raj and store it in the refrigerator. And the next day you can enjoy it comfortably with cumin rice, plain rice or roti.

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