Heat exhaustion or heat stroke…know which is more dangerous, when should you be careful?

Heat exhaustion or heat stroke: There is a record heat in the country. It even became difficult to go out during the day. Going out in the sun causes heat exhaustion and many other health problems. There is also a risk of heat stroke, which can also be fatal. In such a situation, one must be careful.

Many people remain confused about heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Both are considered the same, which can create problems later. Tell us what is the difference between exhaustion and heat stroke and what to do when…

what is exhaustion
When we stay in the sun or in hot winds for a long time, the body temperature increases, which causes the body to become tired. For this reason, rashes and heat cramps may occur. It is less serious than heat stroke, but if the exhaustion is not corrected at the right time, many serious problems can arise. The first symptom of summer fatigue is headache. Apart from this, the face turns red, there is excessive sweating, vomiting, nausea, dizziness, fainting and feeling weak.

What to do when you feel tired?
1. If exhausted, immediately move away from the sun and sit in a cool, shaded place.
2. Drink water as quickly as possible.
3. Try to cool your body with cold, wet clothes.
4. Take as much fluid as possible.
5. Avoid drinking alcohol and caffeine.
6. If you feel any problem, you should consult a doctor.

what is heat stroke
Heat stroke can be more dangerous than exhaustion. When exhaustion is not treated properly and at the right time, the problem of heat stroke arises. In fact, when there is too much heat, the body begins to absorb more heat. Body temperature can rise up to 41 degrees Celsius within 10 to 15 minutes. Due to which there may be swelling throughout the body.

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Sweating stops from the body, which prevents the body from cooling down and its temperature begins to rise. Heat stroke can be fatal. This can occur within one to six hours and if proper treatment is not received, death can occur in less than 24 hours.

Symptoms of heat stroke
1. The ability to think and understand begins to diminish
2. Headaches occur
3. Feel dizzy
4 impacts
5. Vomiting, diarrhea
6. Low blood pressure

what to do in case of heat stroke
1. If symptoms of heatstroke appear, seek medical attention immediately.
2. If the hospital is remote, the patient should be kept away from the sun and heat and placed in the shade.
3. Try to cool the body as soon as possible with water, ice and a damp cloth.
4. If there is excess clothing on the body, it should be removed.
5. If the patient is unconscious, efforts should be made to keep the patient stable until emergency services are reached.
6. If you are not breathing, you should be taken to hospital as soon as possible.

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