How dangerous is the heatwave for the elderly, what to give to eat and drink so that they do not feel hot?

Heat wave:Currently, heat is wreaking havoc in its extreme form in the northern states of the country. People are in bad condition because of the scorching sun and humidity. In such a situation, many people fall ill due to the heatwave. The mercury is above 45. States like Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Haryana are suffering from this scorching heat. During this period, people should take special care of their health.

If there are elderly people in your house, you need to take extra care of them as their body and immunity are weak and heat waves and extreme heat can become a threat to their health. In such a situation, let us know how to protect the elders in our house from the heatwave during the rainy season.

How dangerous is heatwave for older people?
Heat waves can have very bad effects on the health of the elderly. Doctors say that due to age, not only does the elderly’s immunity weaken, but their ability to tolerate and control temperature also weakens. In such a situation, any weather has more impact on them. Due to the extreme heat, they have to face many health problems.

Experts say that due to the heat wave, the brains, lungs and even livers of older people may be at risk. A recent study indicates that due to the heat wave, the brains of elderly people have a detrimental effect and if the heat is too strong. a lot of damage, it can even cause brain damage. Since in extreme heat the lungs have to pump more blood to regulate body temperature, the heart and liver of older people are also affected this season. Therefore, efforts should be made to protect the elderly from temperature torture.

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How to take care of the elderly during heatwaves
It is important to pay particular attention to the elderly during heatwaves. They need to drink plenty of water during the day to keep their body hydrated. Along with this, coconut water, curd, fruit juices and watery fruits should be consumed. During this period, they should receive foods that are easy to digest. Apart from this, fruits like watermelon and melon should be fed to them.

In this season, keep in mind that elderly people should not be allowed to go out in extreme heat and sunshine. Even if they walk, let them walk only after protecting them from the sun. In this season, elderly people should stay in cool and ventilated rooms and take a bath twice a day. Avoid wearing dark-colored clothing and continue taking medications that you take regularly.

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