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Operation Commando is a complex and extensive surgical procedure that is primarily performed for the treatment of mouth and throat cancer. This surgical procedure is very sensitive and complex, so it should only be performed by a surgeon with special experience and skills. The cost of this surgery in India depends on many factors. In this blog, we will understand the cost of commando surgery in detail.



What is commando surgery?



Commando surgery is an extensive surgical procedure that involves the removal of cancer-affected organs along with necessary reconstructive procedures. This may include the following processes:



Removal of the tumor: Areas affected by cancer (mouth, throattongue, jaw, etc.) Removal of the tumor.


Lymph node removal: To prevent the spread of throat cancer and Neck Removal of lymph nodes.


Reconstructive surgery: Reconstruction of the removed areas, thus restoring the structure of the face and neck.


Operation Commando is mainly required for the treatment of mouth and throat cancer. It is a complex and extensive surgical procedure, which involves the removal of organs affected by cancer and their reconstruction procedures. There are several major reasons why this surgery is necessary, which we will understand in detail:



Main reasons for the need for commando surgery



  • Cancer eradication: The main aim of commando surgery is to completely eradicate the cancer cells. In cases of mouth and throat cancer, it is important to ensure that all cancer cells are removed so that the cancer does not recur. During this surgical procedure, the tumor and surrounding affected tissue are completely removed.
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  • Survival: Mouth and throat cancer can be life-threatening if not treated properly and on time. Commando surgery plays an important role in cancer control and patient survival.


  • Stop the spread of cancer: An important aspect of cancer is its spread (metastasis). In mouth and throat cancer, cancer cells can spread to lymph nodes and other organs. commando surgery lymph nodes Helps eliminate cancer, preventing its spread.


  • Restoration of physical functionality: Causes of mouth and throat cancer physical Functionality may be reduced, such as difficulty speaking, eating, and swallowing. Reconstructive surgery after commando surgery helps restore these functions, thereby improving the patient’s quality of life.


  • Pain and Discomfort Relief: The pain and discomfort caused by cancer can make a patient’s life very difficult. Removal of the tumor by commando surgery reduces pain and discomfort and provides relief to the patient.


  • Beauty enhancement: Mouth and throat cancer can cause changes in the structure of the face, which can affect the patient’s self-esteem and Mental Health may be affected. Reconstructive surgery helps restore facial structure, thereby improving aesthetics and increasing the patient’s self-esteem.




What is the procedure for commando surgery?



Commando surgery takes place in several stages, which mainly include the following procedures:



Removal of a cancerous tumor: The first step of surgery is to remove the cancerous tumor and surrounding affected tissue. This may include the affected tongue, throat, jaw, or other organs.


Lymph node removal: Lymph nodes in the throat and neck are also removed to prevent the spread of cancer.

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Reconstructive surgery: The removed organs and tissues are reconstructed, restoring the structure of the face and neck. This surgery is often Plastic Is carried out by the surgeon.


Rehabilitation and postoperative care: After the operation, the patient requires physiotherapy, speech therapy and other supportive medical services. This rehabilitation process contributes to the physical and mental rehabilitation of the patient.




What is the cost of commando surgery in India?



Commando Surgery Cost in India INR 1,00,000 to INR 2,00,000 are up to. The cost of commando surgery varies among hospitals in India.





What should be the care after a Commando operation?



Commando Post-operative care is very important. These include:



  • Regular medical examination: Regular medical checkups are necessary to prevent cancer from recurring.


  • Nutrition and diet: Correct nutrition and diet will help the patient recover quickly. Health Help for profit.


  • Physiotherapy and speech therapy: Physical therapy and speech therapy are necessary to restore physical and linguistic functionality.


  • Psychological support: Psychological support and counseling are important for mental health.




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