Fatherhood and mental health: ‘When I became a dad, I lost myself. I put on a brave face but behind closed doors, I was breaking’

Fin McKenna-Fox began struggling with his mental health shortly after becoming a father. After learning how to connect and express himself authentically, he became a men’s health coach to help others do the same.

Fin McKenna Fox: “If you start talking about emotions, a lot of men will put up walls.” Photo: Arthur Carron

Men’s coach and health and wellbeing consultant Fin McKenna-Fox was living in Perth with his wife Shóna and their first child, when his mental health began to suffer.

“I come from a sports physiotherapist background. I was working in Australia as a holistic movement therapist and had my own clinic. When I became a father there were a lot of things I didn’t expect to happen. “I got lost in the middle of all this.”

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