How safe is it to eat chicken and eggs during bird flu, know the answer from experts

Bird flu : The risk of avian flu has been increasing for some time around the world. Concern was further heightened after the discovery of avian influenza, aka bird flu, in a person in Texas. Scientists are warning about this, they say that bird flu can cause a new epidemic, which can be 100 times more dangerous than corona. After this infection spread from chickens and cows to humans, questions arise: should we stay away from milk, eggs and chicken, are these three things safe from seeds of avian flu, know here…

How safe is chicken for bird flu?

Doctors say that if one wants to reduce the risk of infection amid the bird flu scare, it is firstly important to ensure whether the eggs and chicken have been properly cooked or not. Properly prepared poultry products are said to reduce the risk of bird flu, but food safety regulations must be followed to avoid possible transmission. Raw chicken should be cleaned thoroughly before cooking. After that, hands, utensils and floor should be thoroughly cleaned. According to experts, cooking chicken at 74 degrees Celsius destroys microorganisms, including the bird flu virus.

eat eggs or not

Health experts say eggs should also be fully cooked so that the germs in them are destroyed. It should not be consumed until the egg yolk and its white part are solid and cooked. Eating this way reduces the risk of infection. Indeed, cooking at high temperatures will destroy the virus.

How safe is it to eat milk and curd?

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Experts say there are similar concerns about milk, curd and cheese. It is safe to consume dairy products thanks to pasteurization. As they are heated for a long time, the bird flu virus is neutralized. You can therefore consume dairy products without any worries.

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