I took magnesium every day for a month to see if it really reduces stress

Since the birth of my second child, I have struggled with stress, anxiety, and anger. I’m sure a lot of moms do it, and it’s something we should all talk about more.

I have read many articles, blogs and books on how to manage stress; I have tried breathing deeply, going outside and listening to relaxing music. I even spoke to a doctor at one point. It was very difficult for me to manage my emotions.

However, one night while searching the Internet, I discovered that low levels of magnesium can lead to higher levels of stress. An article in The Guardian In January, he talks about magnesium being the “latest stimulant supplement” that people are taking to help them feel less anxious.

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I was curious and read more about it before deciding to just give it a try. I wasn’t really convinced but I stopped. Holland and Barrett I walked home from work and talked to a lady inside the store. she confirmed magnesium could help with stress and pointed out some of the options.

I chose this plastic jar of 90 Magnesium 375 mg tablets – and I thought I’d give myself a few months to try it. If it didn’t work, I’d just scrap the idea, I thought.

I started at the beginning of May taking one a day every day. If you can’t get into a HALF PENSION In the short term, there will be many options on Amazon, like this one. package of 60 Vitabiotics Magnesium for £5.09. Or these Bettervits 60 capsules for £26.99 which apparently contain three types of magnesium.

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According to the NHS, Magnesium It is a mineral that helps convert the food we eat into energy and ensures that the parathyroid glands, which produce hormones important for bone health, function normally. Men need about 300 mg a day and women 270 mg. It can naturally be found in a wide variety of foods such as spinach, nuts and whole wheat bread. However, the NHS says consuming 400mg or less of magnesium a day from supplements is unlikely to cause any harm.

It’s early June and I feel like I’ve noticed a change after a month of taking the pills. I especially noticed it at the beginning of the experiment, when I religiously took a tablet every morning. I felt calmer while working, I felt calmer with the children; I didn’t harbor the anxious thoughts that normally crossed my mind.

Holland & Barrett Magnesium Supplement

I felt more patient, I didn’t feel like I was going to explode at the slightest mishap. But a few weeks later there was a particularly difficult day when I felt stressed, anxious, and angry with myself. At first I worried: maybe the magnesium didn’t work?

More likely, however, is the fact that it is not a magic pill that promises to eradicate all feelings of anger forever: it can only do so much!

Overall, I feel that taking a magnesium supplement helps me keep my stress at a lower level day to day. So I’m going to continue taking it, because even though it’s just a placebo effect, I feel like it makes me feel better to some extent. Sure, I’m probably going to have the odd crisis here and there, but I’m only human.

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I will also try to get outdoors more, move more and add more vegetables to my diet. I also recently rediscovered my Christian faith in September 2023, which has given me a tremendous sense of peace.

To get magnesium tablets visit Holland and Barrett here. Or try Magnesium Vitabiotics from Amazon either Bettervits 60 capsules also on Amazon.

Disclaimer: I purchased this item personally with my own money and what is written above is purely my opinion. I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice. Consult your doctor before taking any supplement if you are unsure.

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