Makhana superfood causes more harm than good to many people, these people should not eat it at all

Makhanas are rich in anti-inflammatories and antibacterials, calcium, magnesium and proteins. The amount of calories in Makhana is also found to be very low. Through which you can include it in your diet during weight loss. Although it is so beneficial for health, it does not have to be beneficial for everyone. Today, we are going to explain to you through this article which people should keep their distance from Makhana.

People suffering from these diseases should keep their distance from Makhana :-

Gas problem

Makhana contains abundant amount of fiber and protein, which makes it take longer to digest. In such a situation, if you are suffering from bloating and gas, you should not eat Makhana. Because this can make your problem even worse.

Kidney stone

If you have kidney stone problem, you should also take Makhana. You have to keep your distance. In fact, the amount of calcium in Makhana is very high. If you suffer from stones and eat too many, the size of the stones may increase.

Cold-cough flu

If you are suffering from a cold, cough, flu or diarrhea, you should not eat makhana at all. Eating Makhana during flu can worsen health.

Those who suffer from stomach aches

Makhana has a high fiber content. In such a situation, overeating can lead to diarrhea. If a person is suffering from constipation, he should not eat too much Makhana.

Allergy complaint

People with allergies should not eat. makhana even by mistake. Those whose amount of starch increases in their body begin to complain of allergies.

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Diabetic patients should avoid eating

If you are diabetic. a patient, you should eat makhana in limited quantity as it can increase the sugar level in your blood. In such a situation, you should avoid eating it in excess.

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