If diabetic patients give up sugar completely, will their blood sugar levels stay under control?

The number of diabetic patients in the country is increasing day by day. The main cause of diabetes is poor diet and lifestyle. But diabetes is often linked to the consumption of sugar and sweets. Today we will talk in detail about the facts related to this.

The number of diabetic patients is increasing day by day

The number of diabetic patients in India is quite shocking. According to the data revealed, the number of diabetic patients across India exceeds 10 million. It’s not that older people get this disease, but nowadays this disease affects young people more.

Due to poor diet and lifestyle habits, the number of patients suffering from this disease is increasing day by day. Especially among urban residents, the number of patients is increasing rapidly day by day. At the same time, some people believe that diabetes is caused by eating too much sugar.

Diabetes is not caused by eating sweets but by this reason

Dr Jugal Kishore, professor and CEO of the department of community medicine at Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital, said in an interview with TV 9 Bharatvarsh that there was no direct link between diabetes and consumption. sweets. Until now, no such research has clearly established that there is a direct relationship between diabetes and the consumption of sweets. The cause of diabetes is not sugary food but the lack of insulin in the body.

In fact, when insulin is not produced properly in the pancreas present in a person’s body, the blood glucose level begins to increase. Due to the increase in glucose levels, blood sugar levels begin to rise in the body. If the blood sugar level rises continuously for several months, it then causes diabetes.

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These children are at risk of type 1 diabetes

If a person eats sweets but their lifestyle and diet are good, they have a lower risk of diabetes. Diabetes also occurs for genetic reasons. If a child’s father has diabetes, it is likely that his child also has diabetes. This is called type 1 diabetes. This is not directly linked to diet but to genetic reasons.

Isn’t it normal for a diabetic patient to completely give up sugar?

According to the dietitian, a diabetic patient should eat sweets thoughtfully. They should eat keto desserts. Keto desserts are sweet to eat and contain good fat content. Sugar dissolves slowly in the body. Which is good for diabetic patients.

Eat in moderation and exercise

Diabetic patients want to eat sweets comfortably during festivals. If you eat something sweet, exercise. Also continue taking medication.

Disclaimer: Some information given in news is based on media reports. Before implementing any suggestion, you should consult the relevant expert.

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