This is the most dreaded thing during pregnancy, a little carelessness can cause damage.

According to the report published in the “Daily Mail”, if a woman suffering from epilepsy becomes pregnant, she is 47 percent more afraid than those suffering from other illnesses. The reason is that the child of a woman who takes medication for this disease is likely to have birth defects.

Women are afraid of these things during pregnancy

This fear rises to 62 percent among women. Now, as soon as the doctor learns that a woman suffers from epilepsy, he treats her well from the start and reduces the dosage of medications. If doctors detect the disease at an early stage, they start treating it in advance so that the child remains safe from all these diseases.

It is currently extremely hot in northern India. There is a risk of many illnesses from extreme heat. In this season, the risks of heatstroke and dehydration are very high. Pregnant women, in particular, need to take special care of themselves during this season.

During this season, women often worry about lacking water in their bodies. Or your health might start to deteriorate from sudden heat. Apart from all this, heat also has an adverse effect on the child growing in the womb.

A woman should drink plenty of water in summer. You should also drink fresh fruits and juices. Women should definitely include curd and buttermilk in their diet. It works to keep the body cool. Apart from all this, you have to eat a lot of salad. If you go out in summer, cover up well.

Due to lack of water in the body, the chances of hot flashes and premature delivery increase. Due to extreme heat, hypertension and heart rate begin to increase. Additionally, in addition to increased heart rate, there is also a risk of dizziness and fainting. To avoid such a situation, a woman needs special care.

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