If infection occurs after nose or ear piercing, then adopt this remedy, you will get immediate relief.

Nose and ear piercing is an old tradition in India and is still a part of fashion. If proper care is not taken after piercing, an infection may occur in the nose or ears, causing pain and itching. Apart from this, infection can also occur if jewelry made of unsuitable metal is worn. As the infection progresses, swelling, redness, bleeding, and crusting of the skin begin to form. If you are also facing such a problem and are worried, check out the home remedies here to get instant relief…

  • Cleanliness: After getting the piercing done, clean the area regularly. Mix the salt in warm water and wash it off. This helps reduce infection.
  • Wear loose clothing: If you have a nose or ear piercing, don’t wear tight jewelry or clothing that will put pressure on the area. Wearing loose clothing will help keep the area well ventilated and heal quickly.
  • Hot water compress: Sometimes applying a hot water bottle also helps reduce infection and swelling. It also relieves pain.
  • Coconut oil: Heat coconut oil slightly and apply it to the pierced area. This will relieve pain and reduce infection. Even if you are allergic to a metal, applying this oil is beneficial.
  • Neem Sticks: The antifungal and antibacterial properties of neem prevent infections. If there is swelling at the piercing site, insert a thin neem stick. This will keep the hole open and you can wear the jewelry later.
  • Dew drops: Applying dew drops in the morning to the pierced area reduces infection and relieves pain.
  • Mustard Oil: Applying slightly warmed mustard oil relieves both swelling and pain. This oil also reduces bacterial infections.
  • Hot compress: Take a cotton cloth soaked in warm water and place it on the pierced area for a few minutes. This will reduce swelling and relieve pain.
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