If you feel like taking a bath immediately after returning from the sun, wait a bit, otherwise you will have to give and take.

Health tips for summer: The scorching heat of June continues to take its toll and in many states the temperature has exceeded 45 degrees. In such a situation, when people who work outside come back drenched in sweat, they directly go to take a bath so that their body can cool down. But do many questions come to your mind about whether or not you should take a bath immediately after leaving the sun? So let us tell you today whether taking a bath after overheating is a good thing or a bad thing.

Is it good to take a bath after exposure to the sun or not?
Experts say that taking a bath immediately after going out in the sun may make you feel refreshed, but it can be very harmful to you. Actually when you come from outside your body temperature remains very high, in such a situation when you immediately pour cold water on the body it immediately reduces the body temperature and because of the hot and cold, problems such as fever appear. cough, sore throat, cold, etc. may occur.

Bathing Can Also Cause Brain Freeze
Experts also believe that when you pour cold water on your head after coming back from the scorching sun, it can cause sudden brain freeze and heat stroke. Additionally, simultaneous exposure to cold and heat causes muscle stiffness and can increase joint and muscle pain.

How long after the sun returns should you take a bath?
Now the question arises: when should you take a bath after staying away from the sun? So, when you come back from the sun, first let your sweat dry in the air of the fan and then take a bath only after keeping an interval of 20 to 30 minutes. Do not use too cold water for bathing, you can take a bath with normal lukewarm water. As a result, body temperature remains normal and there is no danger to the body.

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