If you see 8 signs, then understand that oral cancer has started, be careful immediately.

Oral Cancer Symptoms Oral cancer appears on the lips, tongue, and floor of the mouth, but in some people, oral cancer can also appear in the cheeks, gums, upper surface of the mouth, tonsils, and tonsils. salivary glands. The main reason for this is tobacco and alcohol consumption. Radiotherapy is necessary in more than 80% of cases of oral cancer.

Apart from this, it is also treated with surgery or chemotherapy. However, sometimes it can be fatal due to late detection. Therefore, as soon as 8 signs appear in the mouth, one should be vigilant and immediately consult a doctor, as these may be the first signs of oral cancer.

8 Symptoms of Oral Cancer

1. Loosening of teeth
2. Appearance of a bump around the neck
3. Swelling or sore on the lip that does not heal
4. Difficulty or pain in swallowing
5. Change of speech
6. Bleeding or numbness in the mouth
7. White or red spots on the tongue or gums
8. Weight loss for no reason

causes of oral cancer

1. Excessive consumption of tobacco or alcohol
2. Human papillomavirus (HPV)
3. Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)
4. Genetics
5. Poor oral hygiene
6. Gum disease
7. Excessive sun exposure
8. Chewing betel nuts excessively

What is the treatment for oral cancer?

1. Treatment of oral cancer depends on its type, location and condition.
2. Tests like CT scan and MRI reveal how far the cancer has grown. Doctors decide on treatment by staging.
3. The common treatment for oral cancer is surgery, with the help of which the tumor is removed. Surgery can be effective in early-stage cancers.
4. Some cancers of the small mouth can be treated with radiation therapy.
5. In chemotherapy, drugs are used to kill or shrink the tumor.

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