If you want to avoid dengue, don’t wear this type of clothing even by mistake, complete this work

How to prevent dengue: Although the rainy season is very pleasant, this season also brings many diseases. Yes, mosquito-borne diseases increase rapidly during the rainy season, when the risk of dengue fever is highest. In such a situation, how can you protect yourself from dengue fever before the rains start and what kinds of clothes should you wear so that the dengue mosquito does not bite you? Let us tell you how to avoid dengue, what to do and what to do? you shouldn’t do.

avoid wearing such clothes
If you want to protect yourself from dengue mosquitoes, never wear short, tight clothes when going out, as this increases the risk of a mosquito bite. You should wear loose, long-sleeved clothing so as not to come into direct contact with mosquitoes and so that they do not bite you.

Do this work before the rains start
If you want the danger of dengue fever to not threaten your house during the rainy season, then before that, if there is water accumulated near the house, clean it. Clean the coolers, clean the tank, and try not to let rainwater accumulate in the bucket or tank, as this increases the risk of dengue fever.

use a spray
To protect yourself from dengue mosquitoes at home, you can use a scented spray, it contains such chemicals that when sprayed, mosquitoes do not enter the house for 2-3 hours. But if someone has breathing problems, they should not come into contact with mosquito spray.

try home methods
You can adopt home methods to get rid of dengue mosquitoes. You can use camphor, garlic, coffee, lavender oil and peppermint oil at home. Make a spray and sprinkle it, by doing so the mosquitoes don’t wander around.

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