If you want to get a tattoo to look stylish and cool, be careful.

Side effects of tattooing: If you are getting a tattoo to look stylish and cool, be careful because it can make you seriously ill. Doctors say the ink and needle used for tattooing can lead to the risk of not only hepatitis B and C, but also HIV, liver and blood cancer. In such a situation, if you also have a passion and interest in getting a tattoo, immediately be alert. Find out here what the dangers are…

Why is tattooing dangerous?
According to experts, tattooing is more dangerous when it is not done by an expert. In the absence of information on this subject, infected needles are used. This is why the risk of infections such as hepatitis B, C or HIV increases. Research on this was carried out at Lunds University in Sweden. In this research, which included 11,905 participants, it was found that the risk of lymphoma, a type of blood cancer, was higher in people with tattoos. The risk was highest among those who got their first tattoo within two years.

Why is tattoo ink harmful?
According to health experts, tattoo ink may contain polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), which are carcinogenic. When injected into the skin, much of the ink moves away from the skin toward the lymph nodes, where it accumulates.

In a test sample, dangerous metals like mercury, barium, copper and amine were found in this ink. This dangerous chemical can cause deadly diseases like skin cancer. This ink can pass through the skin and enter the body’s lymphatic system, which can increase the risk of other cancers like liver, bladder, and blood cancers like lymphoma and leukemia.

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is tattoo ink harmful
Dangerous chemicals are found in tattoo ink, which can increase the risk of many serious illnesses. According to experts, you should not get a tattoo just for style or to look cool. This

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Health More than 4 million women are victims of this serious illness, most of them are unaware of its danger and know its symptoms.

Precautions should be taken at this time, so that health can be protected from any harm.

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