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During the summer season, most people are concerned about the problem of skin rashes. People with sensitive skin are more likely to experience breakouts. Heat rash is a common problem in summer and occurs primarily on the neck and back. In some people, the problem of rashes also manifests itself on the face, arms and stomach. If you want to protect yourself from breakouts this summer, start including certain things in your diet, like eating raw onion, as raw onion protects against heat. Rashes not only itch and burn, but they also cause significant harm to your skin.



Ways to Get Rid of Rashes –



1. Multani Mitti


Multani Mitti Water Prepare a paste by melting it and applying it to a spicy heat. This will give you relief from prickly heat and also give you coolness.



2. Neem


Boil neem leaves in water. Take a bath with this water continuously for three to four days. By doing this, the prickly heat will disappear.



3. ice cream


  • Wrap ice in a cloth and massage the affected area. Of this skin But you will feel cool and the prickly heat will begin to subside.


  • Applying ice to rashes relieves burning and itching.



4. Aloe Vera


Remove its pulp, apply it on the affected area and wash it after drying. Apart from cooling your skin, it will also condition it and the prickly heat will also disappear.



5. Sandalwood


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Make a paste of it and apply it on the affected area. This is a great option, which relieves the skin from prickly heat and also makes the skin beautiful.



6. Mustard oil


Mix two spoons of water in two spoons of mustard oil and massage with it morning and evening. By doing this, the heat rash begins to disappear.



7. Cucumber


Cucumber Body Keeps it cool. Add lemon juice in a glass of water and also cut thin pieces of cucumber and put it in this water. Now apply these pieces on the affected area. For this reason, the prickly heat begins to disappear.



8. Mango


  • Raw Mango is also very useful in eliminating body heat.


  • Gas roasted raw mango. Now apply the paste of its pulp on the body. This removes the problem of prickly heat.



9. Coconut oil


Coconut Mix the camphor in the oil. Massage the whole body with this oil. You will get instant relief from prickly heat.



10. Basil


basil Grinding the wood of this plant and applying its powder on prickly heat helps relieve prickly heat.



To Get Rid of Rashes, Keep These Things in Mind



  • Don’t go without a shirt or t-shirt in summer.


  • Do not drink cold water or run the air conditioning immediately after coming out of the sun.


  • Do not take a bath immediately after coming from outside.


  • Wear mainly cotton clothes.
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In case of prickly heat, adopt remedies-



  • children Apply the powder every day after bathing.


  • You can also apply rose water and sleep.


  • Do not itch excessively where there is a lot of rash.


  • If the excessive prickly heat is gone, apply sandalwood powder.


  • Aloe Vera Its paste is also effective and also drink its juice.


  • Eat more onions.


  • Do not wear nylon clothing.


  • Rashes can also be cured by applying calamine lotion.


  • Eat fewer eggs in summer.




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