‘Instagram posts left me with post-natal depression and psychosis’

A new mother says she “felt nothing” when her baby was born after comparing herself to “perfect” families on Instagram which left her with postpartum depression and psychosis. Shannon Finan, 30, was excited when she found out she was pregnant but, after feeling the pressure to be the best mom on Instagram posts, she “tuned off” her baby bump.

Her mental health fell into a downward spiral and Shannon struggled to feel immediate love when her daughter, Orlagh, now one, was born in June 2023. The single mother even planned to take her own life before being admitted to Margaret Oates Mother and Baby. Unit, Nottingham.

Now Shannon feels “deserving” of her daughter and wants to normalize postpartum depression and psychosis. Shannon, a National Health Service A compassionate support worker, from Coventry, West Midlands, said: “All these posts seem perfect and you are struggling on your own.

“I remember seeing her when I had my C-section. That day was the saddest day of my life. My mind was gone. I looked at her wanting to love her but she wasn’t there. I just didn’t feel anything.”

Shannon was delighted when she fell pregnant in October 2022. She had struggled with anorexia when she was 18 and was told the impact of the eating disorder could mean she would struggle to conceive.

She said: “For me it was a miracle. I had always wanted to have a family.”

Early in her pregnancy, she began comparing herself and her family situation to other people on Instagram. She said: “I lost myself. I went into a downward spiral.

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Shannon Finan during her pregnancy

“I couldn’t imagine what was going to happen in my life. It’s horrible to say, but I blamed Orlagh for a long time. I completely disconnected from my slump.”

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