Is aluminum foil or butter paper better for storing bread? I need to read the answer to this question

We often use aluminum foil or butter paper to wrap food when traveling or in the office. But have you ever wondered what effect this has on our health? We often think that wrapping food keeps food warm and healthy, but is food wrapping paper good for your health?

Aluminum foil is harmful to your health

Actually, aluminum foil is good for wrapping food, but recently a research was published about it that surprised people. According to the International Journal of Electrochemical Science Aluminum Foil, aluminum foil is very harmful to health. It oxidizes food particles. Which can also cause many diseases. Now the question arises: which of the two is better?

We are afraid of this disease

According to “International Journal of Electrochemical Science Aluminum Foil”, what is the quality of aluminum foil for cooking or packaging. When we wrap hot, vitamin C-rich foods in foil, the fear of leaching increases. What actually happens is that foods rich in vitamin C oxidize because they are wrapped in foil. As a result, the amount of aluminum in the body begins to increase. Because of this, the brain and bones suffer a lot of damage.

Is it better to use butter paper or aluminum foil?

Butter paper is known as wrapping paper or sandwich paper. It’s better than aluminum foil. In fact, butter paper is like non-stick paper, it contains cellulose-based paper. It is used in hotels and confectioneries. Which prevents humidity. It also absorbs excess oil from food. This is why it is considered better for health. If you want to wrap foods that are salty, spicy, and contain vitamin C, butter paper is the best option for that. It can withstand higher temperatures than aluminum foil.

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