What is ‘Raw Free Diet’ Followed by Actress Vidya Balan, Know Its Benefits

Famous Bollywood actress Vidya Balan is known for her acting as well as health awareness. Recently, Vidya revealed in an interview that she follows the ‘No Raw diet’. Tell us what this diet is and what its benefits are.




What is the “raw food diet”?



“No raw diet” is one diet There is a plan in which raw Food products are not consumed. This includes vegetables, fruitsRaw foods like nuts and seeds are eaten only after cooking or roasting them. This diet The main focus is on foods that have been cooked and do not contain the risk of bacteria or other harmful elements.




Why is Vidya Balan following the ‘raw-free diet’?



Vidya Balan believes that raw foods are more prone to bacteria and pesticides, which Health May be harmful to. She adopted the “raw-free diet” on the advice of her dietitian and saw positive changes in her health. Vidya says this diet has improved her digestive system and she gets more energy.




What are the benefits of the “raw-free diet”?




  • Better digestion: Cooked foods are easier to digest than raw foods. Of this stomach Provides relief from problems such as gas, indigestion and acidity.


  • Protection against bacteria and infections: Raw foods may contain bacteria and other harmful substances that can harm health. Their risk is reduced by cooking.


  • Better nutritional absorption: Some nutrients, such as lycopene (found in tomatoes), are better absorbed when cooked. Of this Body Get more nutrients.
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  • unloaded weight : Eating on this diet allows you to control the amount of calories, which allows weight Help with control.


  • Skin and hair health: Antioxidants found in cooked foods improve skin and hair health. Of this skin Hair becomes shiny and strong.




What can you eat on the No Raw Diet?



On this diet, you can eat a variety of cooked foods, such as:



  • Vegetables (boiled or roasted)


  • Fruits (cooked or steamed)


  • Cereals (rice, wheat, barley, etc.)


  • Lentils and beans (cooked)


  • Nuts and seeds (roasted)






‘No Raw Diet’ is a healthy diet plan which is also followed by famous personalities like Vidya Balan. This diet not only helps in better digestion and absorption of nutrients, but also reduces the risk of bacteria and infections. If you are also worried about your health and a In good health If you want to adopt a diet, the “raw food diet” may be a good option. However, before adopting any diet, consult your doctor or dietitian.



Like Vidya Balan, you too should take care of your health and live a healthy life.



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