Jabalpur Collector Deepak Saxena’s 21-year-old son dies of heat stroke, know when it will turn fatal

Heatstroke : The heat which creates new records every day is becoming more and more deadly. Amol, the 21-year-old son of Jabalpur collector Deepak Saxena, died due to this. Amol, living in Delhi, suffered heatstroke on Sunday and vomited heavily. He was admitted to AIIMS. Where he died.

Even before this, many people died due to heatstroke in many places, including Rajasthan. In such a situation, everyone must take precautions. The temperature in most places is 45 degrees or higher, making the risk of heat stroke continually increasing and becoming fatal.

When does heat stroke become dangerous?
The body temperature of a healthy human being is 37 degrees Celsius (98.6 Fahrenheit). Our body is already designed in such a way that it tries to maintain this temperature under all circumstances. Experts say that when the body temperature rises more than that, it starts to feel hot, which causes a fever. A body temperature of up to 100 or 102 degrees Celsius is acceptable to some extent, but when it rises more than that, it can be dangerous.

the cooling system breaks down
According to health experts, a cooling system works naturally to keep our body cool. When the heat increases outside, the body temperature also begins to rise. During this time, the brain tries to control this temperature. During this time, the glands present in the body begin to sweat. Thanks to this sweat, the skin cools thanks to the air circulating in the external environment.

As a result, the internal organs also begin to cool down. But when it gets too hot, the temperature rises and excessive sweating occurs. Due to this, sodium begins to decrease in the body, which affects many organs. First of all, the effect is felt on the skin, red rashes begin to appear. In some cases, the increase in temperature can have a direct impact on the brain, which can become fatal.

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When does heat stroke become fatal?
According to health experts, when excessive sweating occurs, the brain’s signaling system begins to deteriorate. This can cause dizziness and sudden fainting. When body temperature rises, there is a lot of sweating, usually when the temperature reaches 40 degrees Celsius.

In this state, there is a lack of water, and due to dehydration, weakness and fatigue begin to appear. In such a situation, if the temperature is not controlled and continues to rise, it can even rise up to 44 degrees Celsius, which causes brain damage. Death occurs due to brain failure. This process can happen quite quickly. It can start with excessive sweating. Besides the skin and brain, it can also affect the kidneys and heart.

A heart attack can also occur
There is a risk of heart attack due to heat stroke and this can also lead to death. When the outside temperature is very high, excessive sweating occurs, which leads to a decrease in sweating. As a result, the volume of blood decreases and pressure is put on the heart, leading to the risk of a heart attack.

How to protect yourself from heat stroke
1. Don’t leave the house when it’s very hot.
2. If it is necessary to leave the house, wear only long sleeves and cotton clothing.
3. Try carrying an umbrella in the sun. Make sure you wear a cap and glasses.
4. To avoid dehydration of the body, keep drinking water constantly.
5. Completely avoid eating fried and spicy foods.
6. Do not drink tea-coffee, consume fruit juices, shikanji, thandai.
7. In case of an emergency like heat stroke, immediately take the person to a dark, cool room, wipe the body with a cold damp cloth until the body temperature cools down.
8. In case of heat stroke, continue to give ORS or salty lemon water.
9. In case of heatstroke, keep ice packs under the armpits, i.e. in the armpits and groin area, until you reach the doctor.

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