Must drink turmeric milk in winter, will keep you away from all diseases, first know the right way to make it

Haldi Doodh Perfect Recipe: Little is said about the benefits of turmeric milk. It helps in increasing immunity to fighting diseases. The tradition of drinking turmeric milk here is very old, but still the question arises that what is the right way to make it. Experts believe that if it is not made properly, then it does not get as many benefits as it should.

If you make milk like this, even children will eat it

Adults drink turmeric milk, but when it comes to children, they are often found making tantrums and showing tantrums. The reason for this is also that it is not made properly. If turmeric is cooked properly in milk, then its bitterness goes away completely. Milk tastes bad only when turmeric is not cooked properly or if it is in excess quantity. Therefore, while making milk for children, take care of both these things and you can also give them milk by adding saffron.

How to make turmeric milk

First of all, fry turmeric in a little ghee in a pan. With this, all the active compounds of turmeric dissolve in ghee. Do this on very low flame. Now turn off the gas and mix a pinch of black pepper powder in this pan. If you want to make this mixture more beneficial and tasty, then a pinch of nutmeg powder and a pinch of cinnamon powder can also be added to it. Once the mixture is ready, add hot milk to it. Finally add sugar and milk is ready.

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a simple way too

There is also a simple way that if you want to make a glass of milk, then take a glass of milk in the pan and add half a glass of water. Now let it boil on the gas. Now add one-fourth teaspoon of turmeric to this solution. Now let it cook and cook for such a long time that the water gets burnt and only milk remains. Now add whatever sugar or jaggery you want to add and take it off after a boil. You can also add cardamom to it for flavour. Turmeric milk containing jaggery provides quick relief in cough. In this case, cook milk with jaggery and filter it when half the milk remains.

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