Ostrich posture tones the body by eliminating belly fat

Benefits of Shuturmurg Asan Pose: The ostrich posture not only tones your body by reducing your belly fat, but by doing it you also get many wonderful benefits unknowingly. let’s know-how

Benefits of Ostrich Pose Yoga

 International Yoga Day is being celebrated all over the world today. This special day is celebrated every year on 21st June to make people understand the importance of yoga. By including yoga in your lifestyle, you can easily overcome many mental and physical problems. One such problem among people is belly fat. Today every second person is troubled by belly fat and obesity due to poor lifestyle and lack of nutrients in the diet. If you are also facing this problem and are tired of trying every way to tone your body, then try Ostrich Asana. Ostrich poses not only tones your body by reducing your belly fat, but by doing this you also get many amazing benefits unknowingly. Let us know how to do ostrich posture and what are its benefits.  

Method of doing ostrich posture

To do ostrich posture, first of all, stand straight on the ground and keep a distance of 2 feet between your two feet. After this, bend both your hands downwards, turn forward, and bend down. While doing this, your head should also come down. Keep in mind, bending down and keeping your feet straight, keep the toes of the feet lightly raised, and move your hands forward. While doing this pose, your body will start to look like an ostrich. Now in this posture, take a few steps forward with the help of your raised toes and hands. Practice this easy 7 times intermittently.

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Benefits of doing Ostrich pose yoga

Stress relief

According to the National Institute of Health’s 2018 report, this yoga has an effect on the whole body, which can help in relieving stress. 

Tone the body

The effect of ostrich posture falls on the whole body. Due to this, there is tension in the muscles of the waist, back, and legs Which helps in toning the body. 

Improve digestion

While doing Ostrich asana, there is pressure on a person’s stomach, due to which it can help in preventing not only the problem of gas, and indigestion but also increasing belly fat. 

Eye disease

Ostrich posture is beneficial in eye disease. 

The fingers of the hand become beautiful

By doing the Ostrich Rooster pose, the fingers, arms, and elbows of the hands become beautiful and shapely. 

Relief from back pain

Some people start complaining of back and back pain after working in one place for hours. Which can be easily removed by doing an ostrich posture. By doing this asana, there is stretching of the waist and back. Due to this, there is relief in back pain.

Note-High BP patients should do this posture only under the supervision of an expert.

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