Pippali Benefits: 6 Reasons to Add Long Pepper in Everyday Meal

Pippali or long pepper is a common herb that serves amazing health benefits. Nutritionist shares why this can be a good addition for winter diet.

Pippali Benefits: 6 Reasons to Add Long Pepper in Everyday Meal

Suffering from a cold? Troubled with congestion? Herbs and spices often work as one of the most effective home remedies to treat seasonal coold and cough. Black pepper, turmeric, tulsi, etc often have anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidants, anti-bacterial properties that help to boost immune system and help in getting quick relief from certain health concerns.

Herbs and spices form an integral part of cooking. Every Indian household has certain classic herbs, spices and condiments that are found at every kitchen shelf. and one among many is pippali or long pepper which serves amazing health benefits. Right from mitigating the misery of cold to weight loss, it is an effective herb that can be a good addition in the diet. It can be consumed in the form of tablets, powder and raw in food. Celebrity nutritionist, Anajli Mukherjee shared the surprising benefits of this herb.

Pippali: 5 Health Benefits to Know

  1. Cold and Congestion Treatment: Pippali can help in managing cough and cold. One can take 1/4 teaspoon of pippali powder along with honey after meals. It will help reduce mucus because of its expectorant property, thus allowing you to breathe easily.
  2. Weight Loss: It also promotes weight loss by improving the body’s metabolism.
  3. Constipation: It may aid in managing constipation by promoting bowel movements due to its laxative property
  4. Help with Sleep Problems: Long pepper can also be used to manage insomnia because of its Vata balancing property. Here is how you can consume it – take half a teaspoon of pippali powder, mix it with milk, and have it just before sleeping.
  5. Anti-inflammatory properties: Pippali is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties and this may be attributed to the presence of compunds such as piperine. Piperine found in pippali has been studied fir its potential anti-inflammatory effects, These compunds are thought to contribute to the spice’s ability to modulate the immune system and provide antioxidant support. Pippali can be consumed in the form of churns, capsules and tablets.
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