Policybazaar gets a Kargil War hero to shed light on mental health in a new spot

The film begins with Major General Vikram Dev Dogra thinking about all the medals he has won throughout his life. He says the real value of an otherwise ordinary-looking medal lies in how hard one fights to earn it.

He has a host of awards and bravery honors to his name, but he says the medal most precious to him is the one he gave himself for winning his battle with depression at the peak of his career.

He is shown to be proudly narrating his journey from depression to health as a mental health advocate to an auditorium full of enthusiastic listeners. The subtext that emerges from the film is that recognizing and addressing the condition helped him realize his potential. He even became the first serving Army officer to complete the 2018 Ironman Triathlon held in Europe at the age of 60.

Samir Sethi, Brand Marketing Director, Policybazaar.com, said, “This film is our way of helping Indians rethink the concept of strength and give mental health due importance. Mental conditions such as depression, among others, are extremely common and it is truly sad that many sufferers do not seek the necessary medical help, often due to the stigma attached. In recent years, the health insurance industry has embraced the importance of mental health. In October 2022, the IRDAI had mandated that all health insurance products should cover mental illnesses. When we have such thoughtful initiatives and the right products, then real stories like that of Major General Vikram Dogra can help customers overcome social barriers and get the right healthcare.”

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The film concludes with a note calling for the fight against mental health problems as Himmat Ki Policywhich highlights the fact that fighting a condition like depression and prioritizing mental health requires immense courage.

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