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New Delhi: Specialization in IT Services wipro on Tuesday announced a partnership with the Brain Research Center (CBR) to harness the power of Artificial intelligence (AI), Machine learning (ML), and big data analysis for innovations in health behaviors. CBR is an autonomous, non-profit research organization, housed in the Indian Institute of Sciences (IISc).

A statement announcing the collaboration between wipro and the Brain Research Center said the partnership “will focus on harnessing the power of AI, machine learning and big data analytics to develop new technologies that will provide precise support for long-term disease prevention and management.” . health disorders“.

Wipro R&D (R&D) will design and develop a personal care enginean AI that will take into account an individual’s health history, desired health state, and other behavioral responses to promote healthy aging, positive lifestyle changes, and psychosocial well-being to significantly improve an individual’s health with the time.

“The self-care engine will focus on reducing and managing the risk of cardiovascular disease and correlated neurodegenerative disorders, using AI to personalize its interaction with users, optimizing their long-term health and well-being,” the statement said.

Wipro will test the engine through a digital app-based trial in collaboration with CBR at IISc.

This test will generate valuable evidence about the effectiveness of the engine for contexts that are deeply relevant to long-term health outcomesaccording to the statement.

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“Wipro’s technological expertise combined with CBR’s leading brain science research will unlock new possibilities for patient care, cognitive and overall health,” he said.

The combined research and development prowess of both institutions will develop systems that offer better health outcomes on a population scale.

Subha Tatavarti, Chief Technology Officer, Wipro Limited, said the company is committed to transforming the health outlook through technological innovationand is delighted to partner with CBR and IISc on this journey.


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