price of a titanium plate for the treatment of bone fractures

Bone fracture is a common medical condition in which a bone is partially or completely broken. This may be due to injury, excessive force, or bone weakness. Treatment methods may vary depending on the severity and type of fracture.




What are the types of bone fractures?



  • Simple fracture: The bone breaks in one place and skin Don’t go out.


  • Open fracture: Once the bone is broken, it comes out of the skin, increasing the risk of infection.


  • Green stick fracture: Common in children, the bone breaks partially but not completely.


  • Compression fracture: Breakages due to excessive pressure on the bone, usually spine Occurs in the bones of.


  • Transverse fracture: The bone breaks in a straight line.


  • Oblique fracture: The bone breaks at an angle.


  • Spiral fracture: The twisting force exerted on the bone causes it to break into a spiral shape.




What are titanium plates for the treatment of bone fractures?



Titanium plates are devices used in the treatment of bone fractures and designed to stabilize and properly align bones. These plates are placed on the bones during surgery and secured with screws. Titanium plates play an important role in the treatment of bone fractures. They are light, strong and biocompatible, making them an excellent choice for the patient. With proper care and guidance from an expert surgeon, effective treatment of bone fractures is possible with the use of titanium plates.




What are the advantages of the titanium plate for the treatment of bone fractures?


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The titanium plate has the following advantages for the treatment of bone fractures:



  • Titanium is lighter than other metals, allowing patients to heaviness Is not experienced.


  • Titanium has high strength and durability, thanks to which it supports bones well.


  • Titanium is compatible with body tissues and Allergies Or the possibility of reaction is very less.


  • Titanium plates last a long time and reduce the need for frequent surgical procedures.


  • Titanium has a very low chance of rusting, making it safe for a long time.




How much does a titanium plate cost for the treatment of a bone fracture?



The price of titanium plates and the total cost of bone fracture surgery depends on several factors. With the right information and planning, you can choose the right option for your treatment and its cost in India. 50,000 to 1,00,000 Until now. If you need detailed information, consult the relevant hospital or surgeon.




Titanium plate process-



Preparation for surgery: The surgeon checks the bone fracture and prepares the instruments and titanium plates necessary for the surgical procedure.


Bone alignment: The broken parts of the bone are properly aligned.


Fixing the plate: Titanium plates are placed over the broken parts of the bone.


Use of screws: plates through screws Bone It is secure so that the bone can join together properly.


Post-surgical care: After the surgical procedure, the patient is advised to rest and undergo physiotherapy prescribed by the doctor.

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Which are the best hospitals for titanium plate surgery in India?


Many hospitals in India offer titanium plate surgery at an affordable price. These hospitals are renowned for their patient-centered treatment approach. They are also equipped with the latest medical technologies, which High Providing the best and most affordable treatment with high success rates.
















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