Real Conversations in the QC talks mental and heart health in minority communities

(KWQC) – Real Conversations in the QC, a show focused on issues within our communities of color in QCA, is back.

This week, TV6’s Redrick Terry, Brittany Kyles and Evan Denton spoke about mental health and heart health in minority communities.

According to a report by the American Psychiatric Association, minorities with mental illness are less likely to seek treatment for them.

The report says that of those surveyed who identify as mentally ill, 31% of Black and Latino respondents actually seek treatment.

Evan Denton spoke with Dr. Kit Evans-Ford about ‘Pink goings Red’, an initiative created to promote heart health.

Redrick Terry spoke with Simone Collins, a mental health expert and board chair of a local nonprofit group, who wants to help spread mental health awareness in Black and Latino communities.

As for heart health, local caterer Shalonda Glenn cooked up low-sodium soul food to show people how healthier options can still be tasty and good for you.

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  If you chew the skin of this fruit like this, your heart will become happy, it will say: Mogambo is happy.

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