Rubina Dilaik on seeking counselling for postpartum depression, says “My mother yelled at me ‘pagal ho rahi hai kya?’ and I said ‘shayad, koi nahi samjhega'” – Times of India

In the recent podcast, Rubina Dilaik had invited Pankhuri Awasthy to chat about motherhood. Both divas have been blessed with twins and as they talk they realize many similarities in their journey, childbirth and more. While chatting, Rubina confessed to seeking help during her postpartum period when she realized that she was heading towards postpartum depression and needed help. Take a look at what Rubina had to share:

Rubina spoke about a major change in her body: “My gynecologist had told me that my stomach muscles had been torn and would never come back. Usually during pregnancy, the muscles expand and after childbirth, they come back with time. exercise, bindings and everything, now they have been torn and will not come back, my doctor had already told me that since I have twins and my body type is small, they will grow in all their glory and strength, but my body will.” “I couldn’t take it, so we had to have a C-section, so I won’t go back to the way I was.”
Sharing how she felt she was heading towards postpartum depression, Rubina said, “I confess, in the first 10-15 days I couldn’t sleep at night as both the babies were waking up one after the other, so I couldn’t even leave.” I was in pain, I couldn’t eat or drink and there were many changes in my body. There was a time around 2:30 when mom used to sleep with me and we had told Abhinav to come. “She helped us when she couldn’t take it anymore and if the baby needed extra feeding, at that time mom would change the diapers and we were trying to establish a routine for them.”

She further shared her experience: “Around 2:30-3 I woke up and was feeding Edhaa and heard Jeeva. I was feeling very angry, not with my children but with the whole situation. I made Edhaa release the latch and continued She fell. My mother saw it and shouted at me ‘pagal ho rahi hai kya?’ and I said ‘shayad, koi nahi samjhega’. Then I told Abhinav to take me out as I was not feeling well and leaving Edhaa in the middle of feeding was not a good side. Abhinav then asked me what I wanted. sweet with lots of ghee. We made halwa with ghee.”

Rubina on seeking help for postpartum depression: “That was the day I decided I needed counseling. Since I felt like I couldn’t deal with it, I thought I was strong enough. After that, I had weekly counseling AND I was prepared that in This period, pay attention to these signs. “You may feel like you don’t like your children, you may feel like not feeding them, these are all signs of postpartum depression. We generally don’t talk about it, maybe we are not aware of it.” .

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