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As the release of Deadpool & Wolverine approaches, fans are filled with excitement for the long-awaited team-up on the big screen. Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds, after generating buzz through posters, trailers and trailers, are now candidly interacting with their fans. They have spoken openly about their 17-year friendship and bromance and discussed topics ranging from dealing with anxiety to other personal ideas.

Ryan Reynolds admits dealing with anxiety

In an exclusive People cover story, the Deadpool and Wolverine stars opened up about how they talk to their kids about dealing with anxiety. Jackman began by asking his co-star, “Oh, man, you’ve been very open about your anxiety issues, so I really applaud you. Do you think being a father makes it better or worse?”, to which Reynolds explained that he has helped him guide his children.

“I think it makes it better because you focus less on yourself and more on your kids. “I know you know it too,” Ryan said.

Admitting that he has anxiety issues, the 47-year-old emphasized that he has seen his children experience the same thing (probably genetic) and knows how to approach them with compassion. “I know how to approach it in a compassionate way that really allows them to feel seen. I know I can’t just fix it. And I can communicate all that to them and with them. “I’m always grateful for that,” the actor added.

Reynolds also explained that he has learned to channel his anxiety in a positive direction at work. “My work benefits greatly. People who have anxiety constantly think about the future. “So anxiety creates that ecosystem of awareness that you wouldn’t otherwise have,” she said.

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The Logan star revealed that she recently started opening up about her anxious moments. “I was a little old school. I thought, ‘Don’t overwhelm them if you’re anxious.’ And then someone told me: ‘But your children don’t know you have the Oscars.’ Maybe they’re thinking that you’re mad at them or that they’ve done something,” he said, further revealing how he talked to his son about feeling uncomfortable and feeling much better.

During this time, the two also shared a couple of funny moments, when Jackman joked about how people come to him to talk about Reynolds. “And I say shut up, I’m not interested, but they keep talking about you,” he said, leaving his co-star divided.

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