Say No to Constipation with 5 Essential Food Items in your Diet

Most people from home age often experience constipation at work. It is a common condition that often results from poor choices such as adequate fiber in the diet, water in the meal and holding the stool for a long time despite the desire to go. Being inactive and taking certain medications can also affect a person’s bowel movements. Scientifically, it is usually caused by the slow passage of food through the digestive tract. Consequently, it is important to consider specific foods that can help prevent constipation if the need arises. This diet relieves constipation by providing fiber which reduces the time of intestinal transition, adds bulk, softens stool and increases stool frequency.Also read – Studies show that eating vegetables does not protect you from cardiovascular diseases

Dr. Sharanya ShastriChief Clinical Nutritionist, Apollo Spectra Hospital, Bangalore shares a list of essential food items you need to include in your daily diet to prevent constipation. Also read – Cholesterol Control: 12 Ayurvedic Herbs And Kitchen Ingredients That Help Raise Cholesterol

  1. One banana a day relieves constipation: Banana flowers contain a lot of nutrients and are a common part of Southeast Asian culture. Banana flowers contain both soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber forms a gel that makes it easier to pass through the GI tract and insoluble fiber provides bulk to waste products. As such, it is also good for people with indigestion / chronic constipation and IBS. The best way to consume banana flowers is in the form of curry / salad / chutney and sambar. If you don’t have access to a banana flower, a banana (fruit) will too!
  2. Black currants soaked overnight: This is a natural laxative that can be used in the kitchen. They flush out toxins and prevent constipation. They are rich in Vitamin B and Vitamin C and are good for strengthening the immune system. So start your day with overnight steeped black currants to avoid constipation.
  3. Spinach and other greens: Not only are green vegetables rich in fiber like broccoli, amla, colocasia and spinach, but they are also excellent providers of folate, vitamin C and K. In fact, one cup of cooked spinach contains 4.7 grams of fiber, while one cup of cooked broccoli contains 2.4 grams. Therefore, these vegetables help a lot in adding bulk and weight to the stool, which makes it easier for them to digest and pass through the intestines. Therefore, prepare green leaf once in two days.
  4. Radish: Radish is the most underrated underground vegetable. Most of them are thrown out of our diet thinking that they are high in “calories” and are responsible for raising blood sugar. However, radishes contain a lot of fiber and are good for a healthy gut. So consume more radishes in the form of salads, sambars and lentils.
  5. Also, sitting is a new smoke! Each half, for an hour of sitting, stand for 2 minutes and make sure you have taken a meal while sitting on the floor in a cross-legged position. This improves digestion, helps in portion control and ensures that you do not have constipation.
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Coping with constipation is a challenging condition but it is equally easy to overcome with the help of a balanced diet and lifestyle changes. Therefore, in the long run it is important to try and consume the right foods, drink good amounts of water and exercise regularly to improve regularity, bowel movements and stool consistency. Also read – Skincare Tips: Here’s a list of the 5 best and worst foods for your skin – see


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