T.J. Holmes shares how Amy Robach ‘saved’ his life during depression

TJ Holmes Shares How Amy Robach ‘Saved’ His Life During Depression

TJ Holmes’ career milestone upon joining GMA3 in September 2023 was overshadowed by a tumultuous period in his personal life.

In a recent episode of his podcast Amy and TJ, The former presenter spoke bravely about his struggle with alcoholism, depression and suicidal thoughts.

He revealed that his mental His health had deteriorated to the point that he slept on a street bench at night, highlighting the stark contrast between his professional success and his personal turmoil.

“I didn’t realize how bad it was,” he said.

“I was walking back and forth in the middle of the night, because I didn’t want to go home, and I was just walking through the streets. … [In Manhattan] There’s a bank on 14th Street, just west of Union Square, where I’ve actually slept at night. “He was the best-dressed homeless man you ever saw in your life.”

Robach, who saw him “like no one else”, introduced him to the world of running, which helped him overcome his desperation.

“She wouldn’t let me slide on anything,” he said. “I credit him for literally helping me save my life.”

In response, Robach, 51, expressed humility for his role in Holmes’ “darkest days.”

“You saved my life. You did it and we became best friends,” he told Holmes.

“We were good friends, but once we started co-hosting that show together, it was amazing to see you transform to be the best version of yourself. And I knew your heart, and I knew your beautiful mind, and I knew you were fighting. Sometimes you just need a friend. “Sometimes you just need one person to believe in you.”

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