These five symptoms appear in the body before the onset of cancer, neglect can lead to death.

The number of cancer patients continues to increase all over the world. The main cause of cancer is considered to be poor lifestyle and eating habits. It is often said about cancer that in addition to being fatal, it is also an incurable disease. But what is dangerous about this disease is that when cancer appears in a person’s body, that is, when the cancer is in its first stage, its symptoms appear on the body, this that we often ignore.

15 Common Cancer Symptoms

Doctors always say that people ignore what they consider to be minor symptoms, but later it turns out that these are the first symptoms of cancer and then they become fatal. Today through this article we will talk in detail about the first symptoms of cancer. Will do what people often consider trivial and ignore it. Today we’re going to talk about 15 common cancer symptoms that need special attention.

First symptoms of cancer

Symptoms of cervical and ovarian cancer

If a woman or girl experiences unusually frequent changes in her periods, she should seek medical attention immediately. Because ignoring it can be dangerous. These can be early symptoms of cervical cancer.

Symptoms of colon and prostate cancer

If there are frequent changes in bathroom habits, then these may be early symptoms of colon and prostate cancer.

ovarian cancer

Bloating and heaviness in the stomach, if this happens again and again over the course of a week, then this may be the first symptoms of ovarian cancer.

breast cancer

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If there are changes in a person’s breast, heaviness, lump, change in color of the nipple, change in the nipple, discharge, then these may be the first symptoms of breast cancer.

lung cancer

If a person has a cough that does not stop for a long time, he or she should immediately see a doctor. Additionally, if a person has a dry cough, it may be an early symptom of lung cancer or tuberculosis.

brain tumour

If there is a continuous headache, then this pain has been going on for a long time, then these may be the first symptoms of a brain tumor.

stomach cancer or throat cancer

If you have trouble swallowing food, water, or anything else, it could be stomach or throat cancer.


If many blue spots are visible on the thighs or body or if there appear to be injury marks, these may be early symptoms of blood cancer.

fever or frequent infection

If you suffer from fevers or frequent infections, these may be the first symptoms of leukemic cancer.

oral cancer

If the mouth ulcers have been occurring for a long time. Or if blisters appear again and again, then they may be the first signs of oral cancer. People who smoke are at higher risk of oral cancer.

If bleeding occurs even after menopause, you cannot take them normally. These can be early symptoms of uterine and cervical cancer. The first symptoms of cancer are such as sudden weight gain or loss, sometimes loss of appetite, hair loss, all these can be the first symptoms of cancer.

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