What to Eat When You Have Heatstroke to Stay Safe in Summer

As the summer season approaches, the risk of heat stroke also increases. Heat stroke can be a serious problem, in which the body temperature rises excessively and problems such as dehydration occur. In such a situation, it becomes very important to ensure good eating habits. In this blog we will know what to eat in case of heatstroke in summer and which foods can benefit your health.


To stay safe in summer, it is very important to adopt good eating habits. In case of heat stroke, one should consume water, electrolytes, fresh fruits, vegetables, curd, buttermilk, light and easily digestible foods to cool the body and keep it hydrated. Also wear loose, light clothing when going out and use a hat or umbrella to protect yourself from the sun. If the symptoms of heatstroke are severe, contact a doctor immediately. By adopting a proper diet and lifestyle, you can stay safe and healthy in summer.




To stay safe in summer, what should you eat if you have heatstroke?



  • Importance of water and electrolytes: The most important thing in case of heatstroke is Body Stay hydrated. To avoid dehydration Sufficient It is important to consume adequate amounts of water and electrolytes.


  • coconut water: Coconut Water is an excellent source of natural electrolytes. It restores lost minerals in the body and provides a feeling of freshness.


  • lemonade: in lemon water vitamins C and contain electrolytes. To do this, in a glass of water Lemon Mix the juice, a little salt and sugar. It helps keep the body hydrated and maintain electrolyte balance.
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  • ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution): By drinking ORS powder dissolved in water, glucose And the salt deficiency is filled. It is useful in reducing symptoms of dehydration.


  • Fresh fruits and vegetables: of summer Season Fresh fruits and vegetables not only help with hydration, but the vitamins and minerals they contain also strengthen the body.


  • Cucumber: Cucumber contains 95% water, which keeps the body hydrated. Add cucumber to salads or cut it and eat it straight.


  • watermelon: Watermelon contains a lot of water and provides freshness to the body. watermelon Consuming it provides a feeling of freshness and also provides energy.


  • Oranges: Oranges contain vitamin C and potassium, which protect the body from dehydration and immune system Let’s boost.


  • Mint: Mint leaves refresh the body and digestion Also improving. You can drink them by mixing them with buttermilk or lemon water.


  • Curd and buttermilk: Curd and buttermilk are great options to eat in summer. These bring freshness to the body and improve the digestive system.


  • Cottage cheese: Curd contains probiotics that are beneficial for the digestive system. You can eat curd pure or mix it with fruits and honey.


  • Buttermilk: Buttermilk contains probiotics and electrolytes. Drinking it mixed with mint or cumin powder provides additional benefits.


  • Light and digestible food: In summer, you should eat light and easily digestible foods so that they do not overload the digestive system too much.


  • Porridge: The porridge is light and easily digestible. water it or Milk Can be cooked and eaten. It contains fiber and nutrients beneficial to the body.
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  • A South Asian dish made from rice and lentils: Khichdi is a light and easily digestible food. It can be eaten prepared with legumes and vegetables, which provide nutrients to the body.


  • Juices and smoothies: Drink juices and smoothies for extra freshness and hydration in summer.


  • Watermelon juice: Watermelon juice keeps the body hydrated and provides instant energy. To make this, grind the watermelon pieces in a blender and serve chilled.


  • Mint sorbet: Mint juice refreshes the body and protects against heat stroke. To do this, boil mint leaves in water, then add sugar to them, cool and drink.



After reading this blog, I hope you know what to eat and how to stay safe to avoid heatstroke in summer. By taking care of good eating and hydration habits, you can not only avoid heat stroke, but also enjoy summer. Be healthy and happy!



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