Teff Millet Health Benefits: 6 Reasons to Try a Bowlful of This Ethiopian Grain

Teff is a variety of millet is originated from Ethiopia and has several health benefits to offer. Small grains of teff millet are consumed in a variety of forms as well.

Teff Millet Health Benefits: 6 Reasons to Try a Bowlful of This Ethiopian Grain

India is a land known for its diversity. From crops to cuisine, there is a variety of everything. Given, that India relied heavily on its agricultural economy, there is are myriads of crops that grow in India. Millets, this year have taken the front seat. The United Nations declared 2023 as the ‘ Year of Millets’. Eevn at the magnificent G20 summit, the cuisine was largely driven by a variety of meals with the core ingredient being millet. There are several varieties of millet found in India like sorghum, foxtail, finger millet, etc. While most of these varieties are found in India, few are imported like Teff. This is an Ethiopian grain that is dense in nutritional value.

Here is why a bowlful of Teff can be included in your everyday mealplate.


  1. Gluten Free: It is a great addition to people with celiac condition or gluten intolerance. this is a gluten-free millet
  2. Rich in Fiber: Dietary fibers are good for gut health, and weight loss, and help in better absorption of food and nutrients.
  3. High in Protein: Protein is essential to keep the body high in energy. If you ar working out, protein-rich foods are recommended to help the body be nutrient-rich. teff is high in protein value that can further help to keep the body full longer.
  4. Promotes Bone Health:  Teff is a good substitute to enhance bone health. It contains an essential amino acid called lysine that helps in bone formation.
  5. Immunity-Boosting: It has the essential nutrients, vitamins ad minerals that can help to build immunity. It helps create antibodies to fight pathogens.
  6. Diabetes Control: Sorghum is a complex carbohydrate that takes a little more time to digest and hence stabilises the glucose level in the body.
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Available in the form of flour— to make a chocolate cake, for example—or in small grains to be cooked, the cereal is now grown in Bulgaria, in the Netherlands, but also in India, Australia and the United States. You can even discover its smoky, nutty taste in pasta made from teff.

Published Date: September 29, 2023 3:04 PM IST




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