The mercury has crossed 52 degrees in Delhi, what effect will this have on the human body?

The continuously increasing heat is breaking old records every day, and the temperature is reaching such a high every day, which shocks everyone’s senses. On Wednesday, May 29, the temperature was recorded at 52.3 degrees Celsius in Mangeshpur, Delhi. The average temperature at that time was 45.8 degrees. Now the question arises: what effect will such a high temperature have on the human body? What problems can this cause? How to avoid rising temperatures?

The doctor gave this information

Dr DK Gupta, doctor at Felix Hospital, said temperatures above 52 degrees can prove extremely dangerous for humans. Currently, a heat wave is affecting northern India. It also causes many side effects. Due to the heatwave, cases of heat exhaustion and heat cramps are increasing. At the same time, the risk of heat stroke has increased as a result.

These people should take particular care

Dr DK Gupta said that due to continued rise in temperatures and heat waves, special precautions should be taken, especially for newborns, young children and mothers. At the same time, pregnant women and the elderly should exercise extreme caution. Apart from this, people suffering from diseases related to hypertension, diabetes, asthma, COPD or kidney etc. must also exercise caution. Problems may increase for these people.

What’s the problem with high temperature?

He explained that due to the high temperature, the body’s thermoregulatory mechanism is unbalanced and its regulation is impaired. In such a situation, the body is not able to maintain the temperature, which can result in high fever, that is, a fever of 104 to 107 degrees Fahrenheit. In such a situation, seizures may increase. Disorientation may occur. The person may fall into a coma or confusion and even die.

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How to protect yourself from rising temperatures?

According to Dr DK Gupta, it is very important to avoid heatstroke at this time. Take special care of your health. To drink a lot of water. Drink plenty of fluids. At the same time, do not go out unless necessary, as there is currently a health emergency. The outside temperature is not at all favorable to our body. If you have to go out for important work, try to go out before 10 a.m. and after 6 p.m. If you have to go in the afternoon, definitely carry an umbrella, glasses, a cap, etc. and apply sunscreen. Don’t try to complete all the work at once. Do this only after taking breaks, as strong sunlight can harm you.

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